Letters to the Editor: Nov. 20, 2013

Many bills pass Congress without a read-through

I am sure there are some good points within Obamacare. I also feel that within the 40 percent of those approving of Obamacare, many are going to be disappointed when Obamacare has been fully implemented. In most cases when the federal government gets involved in a program, any program, two things are going to happen. One, the program is going to be less effective than anticipated. Two, the program is going to cost more than predicted. Both cases are being proven with Obamacare.

In passing Obamacare I recall Nancy Pelosi saying, “Pass it, then read it.” I think there are many bills passed in Congress without being read and this is one reason many programs are inefficient with excessive costs.

During the federal shutdown President Barack Obama and Sen. Harry Reid would not consider any changes to Obama Care; today Obama himself is making changes. One of the changes the Republicans wanted was to extend the signing dead-line for individuals by one year. Reid would not even consider it. Now there are many within the Democratic Party demanding this very change. There should be a law requiring every bill to be read on the floor of Congress before voting on it. Also, a law to require a balanced budget, and a law that would establish term limits on Congress.

Until we as voters demand these changes and others, we are going to continue to have career politicians whose main concerns is raising money for the next election. The parties will continue to disagree on most things and we will continue to have a “do-nothing” Congress.

Earnest F. “Dee” Streit


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    I was disappointed when the Democrats caved to the pressure from the Right to stray from their original plan of a social medical program (single payer). Virtually everyone I talk to from the countries who have these systems is more than happy to have it in comparison to the mess we have in the USA. They still have the option to purchase additional coverage if they feel they need it but never have to worry about medical bankruptcy or medical coverage in retirement.

    Real common sense approaches don’t seem to be the norm in US politics anymore. I’m so sick of hearing about Obamacare from both political parties that I truly hope both parties’ incumbents are taken to the wood shed in the next election: as I hope the Tea Party loses overwhelmingly.

    We as a people should insist on a functioning, successful government – – one that truly stands on the side of the people to protect them from corporate greed and political gaming.