Letters to the Editor: Oct. 13, 2013

Facts should guide gun discussions

Emotion and reason are essential elements in determining the best resolution of issues. Michael Dorman (“Guns have become America’s golden calf,” Sept. 24) is strong on emotion but totally lacking in facts.

My allegiance is to God and will continue to be so. I have also been a member of the NRA for more 50 years. I strongly resent being called an idolator or Aytollah by one who obviously has not sought the facts.

Hitler took guns from the people and when they were defenseless killed them. Great Britain has seen a major increase in crime since they took a strong position against private ownership of guns a few years ago.

Thirty-one states in America allow citizens to carry concealed weapons, nearly all, first requiring both a permit and training. In all 31 states the murder rate declined. ( John Lott: “More Guns, Less Crime.”)

President Clinton in his 1999 State of the Union speech: “The Brady Bill has stopped a quarter million felons, fugitives and stalkers from buying handguns. It is illegal for those to attempt to purchase a gun. But only four people had gone to jail for violations.” (Larry Elder: “Ten Things You Can’t Say in America,” pp. 276-277.)

Gun registration only affects the law abiding! “United States vs. Haynes. It is a violation of the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination to force a felon to register a gun, because the very act of doing so causes him to admit the commission of a crime.” Elder, p. 277. The only purpose of gun registration is to identify non-criminals who own guns.

“Seventeen children under the age of 5 in 1997 died as a result of an accidental gunshot. Three hundred drownings take place each year and forty thousand motorists die from automobile accidents each year. Why not ban swimming pools and automobiles?”

Society ignores the number of unborn babies killed by abortion each year. The abuse of alcohol also results in multiple deaths each year, but the focus is on revenue instead of the ruin created by that abuse.

Doesn’t fairness demand facts as a foundation for our feeling instead emotions that distort or deny truth?

Ken Pickens



Pope could inspire spiritual awakening

Reading Kathleen Parker’s column on the pontiff in the Daily Journal on Sept. 15, I could not help but notice that she, in her inimitable way, illuminated the classic struggle between good and evil.

It is refreshing and timely that this humble person prefers the simple way of living amid the splendor of his surroundings and the awe-inspiring imposed pomp and circumstance required through centuries of spiritual evolution and identifies himself with the sinful creatures we all are.

I can only hope that this Jesuit will inspire an awakening of the spiritual consciousness of man and so usher in universal healing and new ways of living in peace and harmony which is God’s plan.

Ilona Bauer


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