Letters to the Editor: Oct. 2, 2013

Auto industry allies back southern sites

This week, we are gathering with automotive leaders from Mississippi and their counterparts from other states at the Southern Automotive Conference in Biloxi. The southern U.S. is forecast to have the most automotive manufacturing growth in North America, in both capacity and output, over the next three years. A key theme we’ll be discussing is how to mitigate the enormous amount of risk this growth brings to Toyota’s Tupelo plant and others.

The lower tiers of the automotive supply chain were disproportionately devastated by the Great Recession. Now, with the industry currently enjoying a period of robust demand, automakers need to quickly backfill capacity and capability in their supply chain. The biggest challenge is ensuring local suppliers comply with quality performance expectations.

We are supporting organizations like the Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association by helping their members understand and implement industry performance requirements. As we educate and empower lower level suppliers to use industry tools and processes, we are mitigating the risk and helping grow Mississippi’s automotive economy with world-class suppliers for the global auto industry.

J. Scot Sharland

Executive Director

Automotive Industry Action Group

Southfield, MI


CR 681 badly needs major repair work

County Road 681 is in need of overlaying all the way into Beech Springs. The road has heavy traffic on it every day. I go down 681 every time I go to Barnes Crossing. Where they have patched the road, it is a lot worse than it was before.

If they would quit pulling up trees and cutting trees on private property and put their work on the road, we would have a better road.

They overlaid 521 and it has hardly any traffic on it.

County Road 521 was too narrow to have a stripe down the middle which is a waste of our tax money. We do not need higher taxes to be wasted by the district.

Opal E. Reynolds

CR 681

West of Saltillo

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