Letters to the Editor: Oct. 20, 2013

Firearms signs could have a negative impact for us

The number of no-gun posted signs have been increasing in Mississippi. I have had friends post their property and I am not maligning anyone for doing so. It is the right of the property owner to post them. I support their rights as strenuously as I do 2nd Amendment rights. I ask the people with signs on their businesses to consider the following:

We receive reports from many areas of Mississippi about firearm issues. The consensus of opinion is that the no gun signs are painting the state in a bad light to visitors and tourists. Several businessmen in Mississippi have had visitors from out of state ask about the gun problem in Mississippi. Mississippi does not have a serious gun problem, the city of Chicago with its restrictive gun laws has a serious gun problem.

The reason for all the posting of signs is the clarification of open carry in HB2. Our state constitution has allowed open carry since 1890. We know this is the reason for the posting of property because we have been carrying concealed handguns in many of the newly posted businesses for 22 years, with very few problems. Most people do not know that HB2 also retains the penalty for brandishing a handgun in a threatening manner not in necessary self defense, or use of the same unlawfully in a fight or quarrel, shall be fined not exceeding $500 and three months in the county jail. This part of the Mississippi Code punishes even a non-firing offense of the Mississippi Concealed Carry Law. Citizens of Mississippi have to act responsibly while legally carrying a handgun or the face significant punishment for that irresponsibility.

A lot of the no gun signs posted in some areas are identical in materials and text. We believe someone is alarming businessmen and donating no gun signs to them. People in our State and Country should be able to distinguish criminals from law-abiding citizens but apparently some cannot tell the difference.

Doug Bowser

Secretary, Southwest Mississippi Gun Club

President, NRA’s Mississippi State Firearm Owners Association



Teach children the right kind of self-image for all

I was watching Fox News the other day and I also read this in the paper where two girls bullied another girl to the point that she killed herself.

I come from the Old School as they say because my mom spanked us when we needed it or talked to us when we needed it.

Tell your children when they are little they are as good as anyone else but no better.

My mom repeated this to us as small children all the time.

I came from a poor family where I was very bashful growing up but this stuck in my head and it made a big difference in my life.

If mothers would tell this to their young children many times as they grow up then maybe, just maybe then they wouldn’t get to the point that this child did because she would have known that she is as good as anybody and she could have paid no mind to these girls.

If you are smarter, so what?

If you are prettier, so what?

If you are richer, so what?

You are no better than anyone else, so get off your high horse.

You need to learn Christian love and patience.

We give children too many things, and it’s easy for them to become self-centered.

Juanita Horstman


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  • Kevin

    Be careful there Doug Bowser. You are treading into the area where it’s obvious that constitutional rights do not apply in the business world and the market place. We routinely leave our rights as a Americans at the front door of corporate America. The economy has its rules and rights and the public has another set of rights and rules that operate in a totally different sphere. This is why this country is all screwed up.

  • Guest Person

    Mr Bowser – before you and your members / friends decide to go out in public with your firearms openly carried please consider the following:

    * Many Mississippians do not share your comfort with this and we do not trust your opininon that you can walk around safely with a loaded weapon.
    * Many Mississippians are afraid to go into a a place where multiple people are openly carrying loaded weapons.

    I am sorry if you and those of your mindset are worried that the signs posted may cause alarm – we did not push this issue YOU did. Please learn to live with it since that is what you are asking us to do.

    I hope all property owners place signs up – maybe you will get the message.