Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24, 2013

Lucas notes his trip to memorial

We arrived in Washington to go to the World War II Memorial and other memorials while there. With the government closed down, they closed and locked us out of our memorials. You do not lock out the “greatest generation.” We had fought two different enemies in different parts of the world and won.

I would like to refer to the interview I had with Joseph Straw, a reporter from the New York Daily News on Oct. 1, 2013. Straw is stationed in Washington, D.C. Straw stated that the veterans would not leave until they were ready to. He referred to me, a New Jersey native, one of five brothers who fought in WWII. The vets put up a fight, and they won, he noted.

A young man in traditional Scottish attire played “Amazing Grace” on his bagpipes as the veterans followed him into the WWII memorial. As Straw continued interviewing me, he found out that my rate or rank was SM3/c. I served aboard the destroyer Dallas USS 199 and the destroyer escort USS DE 764 Gandy.

I served in Africa, France, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. I also served in Cuba, Philippines, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Marshall and other islands, then was in Tokyo Bay for the signing of the surrender. I crossed the United States from California by train to New York City where I was honorably discharged from active duty in the Navy. I served five more years in the Navy Reserves.

Tom Lucas


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