Letters to the Editor: Oct. 27, 2013

Our trust in the GOP is misguided, costly

They came mostly out of the heartlands and the South. They claim to represent Middle America. They strode with pompous and foolish pride from podium to podium during their campaigns to be elected to the highest offices in the land. Conservative White America treated their avowed and intended destruction of the fabric of America as a code that says we will save you and your kind as we purge the land of liberals hell bent on establishing and maintaining equality. They asserted that equality of opportunity is what we will destroy first: Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, Women’s rights, Social Security, Medicare and most of all Obamacare. We will take all of them on. Without equal opportunity there will be no equality of outcome because equality of either is what we detest.

These people we talk about are Tea Party Republicans burdened with platitudes, but not a plan. They tripped from one failed idea to another without ever gaining a firm foothold on anything but failed hope and empty prayers. They “beg the question” through asserting that God is on their side; so, what they request is preordained and therefore it will be; however, God never got the message, and we all know one thing at least: He did not return the favor; thus, their effort to save America by shutting it down and tearing it apart didn’t succeed; next time, maybe the Republicans should get on the side of God before assuming he is on theirs.

Arvin Mosley



Holland stepped over the edge in GQ article

This letter is in reference to actions and comments about Steve Holland’s interview and article with Mr. Tower of GQ magazine. Tower talked about recordings he got of Holland’s “audacious chatter and liberal use of colorful language laced with hard core profanities.” Holland had also commented about his funeral home’s profitability.

Tower also wrote: “In a show of true hospitality and professional transparency,” he (Tower) was invited by Holland to help him put a nightgown on a corpse. I believe these actions and comments were in poor taste. I am sure he is profitable in his business, but he needs to keep those feelings to himself and remember that loved ones have died so he can profit.

Judy Dunaway



Tea Party loses again in war versus Obama

The Tea Party and their GOP enablers tried to keep Obama from being re-elected and failed; tried to prevent Obamacare from becoming law and starting up and failed; and now have tried to destroy the government to force America to do its will and have failed again. They are three-time losers.

Tea Party folk love their Rattlesnake banner. At least we know why they wave a yellow flag now. Obama didn’t just “tread on” them, he stomped them! They tried to blackmail the country that nurtured them and got nothing to show for it but the contempt of the American people. What, pray tell, is patriotic about that? They and their cowardly followers in the GOP have planted faces into rock walls trying to destroy Obama more than Wile E. Coyote did chasing the Road Runner.

Suppose they got their most fervent desire and Obama disappeared tomorrow, forever? Joe Biden would be president, not some Republican. How would the Tea Party be any better off under a President Biden? I hope America elects a Democratic president in 2016 and re-elects that person in 2020. That way they can suffer on the outside looking in for the next twelve years. It’s what the Tea Party deserves for its asinine behavior. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed to be associated with the likes of them.

One last question: How do they prefer their crow – baked, boiled or fried?

Richard Wilkinson


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  • Kevin

    Lots of ire via the DJ directed at the Tea Party. Considering that Mississippi in general is so so conservative and Tupelo is the whipped cream on top of the conservative pie, I’m just curious where all these dissenters to the Tea Party orthodoxy are coming from. I’d think that Tupeloans and folks living in the surrounding areas would be all for this TP hoopla and circus. One thing that I’ll try to add to the conversation is the following: the TP’s ideology is not that far removed from the GOP ideology–meritocracy, pro-business, anti-government, anti-taxation, anti-regulation, moralistic pomposity, etc. I think many Republicans are trying to claim that the TP doesn’t represent them and their interests when I think that from Ron Reagan to Bush II, the general GOP message was one and the same with the current TP message.

  • barney fife

    There are a lot of new folks in the area who don’t give a tinker’s damn about the traditional Mississippi conservative line and will express their feelings in the voting booth. Watch & see.

  • cherokee

    Are you people for real, you need to sit down and think about where you were before the election five yrs ago and then look where you are today, let me warn you it’s really sad.

  • Guest Person

    For the last 10 years Republicans have been on the wrong side of every major issue presented. Their failed ideas have not phased them one bit – sold us on the idea that giving rich people and corporations tax breaks would benefit us all yet we have seen the midle class lose pay and stability. They said that if we let Wall Street regulate itself things would run better yet they almost crashed the ecconomy and had to be bailed out by the taxpayers. They said Iraq had WMDs and if we invade they would greet us as friends yet they kept us there over 10 years and cost us trillions of blood and tax dollars. They said Medicare Part D was a godsend yet it cost money we did not have plus passed costs on to people would could no afford them.

    Now as their party begins to crash they blame democrats and poor people all the while asking us to forget their failed polices and gum up goverment to where we can’t fix any issues. AT a time when our social programs are needed they want to cut them and blame poor people for all the nation’s ills asking us to forget that with high unemployment and under emplolyment people need the help.

    We can’t trust Republicans to govern plain and simple.