Letters to the Editor: Oct. 31, 2013

Dorman got it wrong about some rights

This is in response to Mr. Dorman’s letter published on Oct 23.

There are several inane comments I feel compelled to address, but I will tackle only one of them. Dorman states that “no one needs one of these” in reference to what he calls “military-style assault weapons” (whatever that is). No one “needs” a 400 HP Corvette; no one “needs” alcohol, but we live in America. A place where we don’t have to show a “need” to own or use things we want…..as long as the individual enjoys it responsibly. Do we really want the government telling us that we can’t own something because we don’t need it?

“I’m sorry Mr. Dorman, you can’t own that car because it has too much horsepower, you could use it irresponsibly and kill someone. We don’t care that you’ve got a spotless driving record. Just last week a kid in a tricked out sports car hit a minivan and killed an entire family. You really only need a Corolla to drive around.” Look at the death and destruction that the irresponsible use of alcohol has caused. Maybe we should ban all alcohol; so what if there are responsible users? No one needs it.

Dana Soper


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