Letters to the Editor: Oct. 7, 2013

Maybe now is time for a real third party

In Marty Russell’s column of the Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013, edition of the Daily Journal, he blamed the Republicans for the nation’s partial shutdown. While I applaud his humor he should stick to commenting on astrology.

Since I am an independent, I feel I can criticize either party at any given time, and have been critical of both parties many times, but in this case I have to blame the Democrats. The president made the statement, “I will not compromise,” basically saying, “It’s my way or no way.” This is not a very smart thing for any president of the United States to say because with a two-party form of government with each party having different views, the only way for the government to function with any degree of efficiency is through compromise.

This past Sunday while the House was trying to come up with an acceptable bill, the Senate members were at home enjoying a day off. The House sent to the Senate four different bills and the president’s puppet, Harry Reid, immediately said “NO” to each bill, which I doubt he even read. As of this writing the president has finally decided to meet with congressional leaders in an effort to work something out to end the shutdown.

I am sure there will be some who will disagree with my opinions, and I respect their opinions. Yet, with the requested debt ceiling increase deadline approaching why are the Democrats not willing to at least match the requested increase with like cuts in spending? This could be achieved by cutting non essentials in an ever growing government.

With all the turmoil both parties have caused in the past few years, maybe now is the time a third party could make inroads in becoming a party with clout.

Earnest F. Streit

Saltillo, MS 38866

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  • Kevin

    Uhhh, budget decisions are made in the purview of Congress, not the executive branch. So when Obama said he wouldn’t compromise, it means he doesn’t have the power to determine budgets. He merely signs or vetoes those that Congress approves. When Congress cannot compromise on a budget, the fault lies with congressional members, not the president. There’s this thing called the U.S. Constitution and regardless of what party you want to criticize, you should read it before making idiotic and uninformed statements like you did in this letter.

  • 1941641

    To each his/her own. I blame the deadlock on the “GOP”–Grumpy Obstructionist Party.

  • guest

    I respect Mr. Streit’s opinion and respect his right to submit it but he is just wrong.

    I will also respectfully point out that sitting on the Speaker of the House’s desk is a bipartisan Senate bill agreeing to Republican budget cuts minus the defunding of the Affordable Health Care Act. A clean resolution giving the Republicans part of what they wish for plus allowing the Sequestration Cuts to remain in place.

    All the Speaker of the House has to do is let that bill come up for a vote in the House – straight up or down and let the people’s elected officials cast their vote. This ordeal would be over with because it will pass. The Speaker is holding this bill because a minority of Republicans in the House are pushing the agenda – not the majority.

    The Republicans are pushing for the default and causing needless harm to everyday Americans and the World economy. The President cannot negotiate with hostage takers – just like with the Taliban – giving into them once will only invite more hostage taking.