Letters to the Editor: Sept. 20, 2013

Compromise: Pay athletes $100 per month in college

Charlie Mitchell’s column on Tuesday in the Journal about paying college athletes brought back some interesting memories.

When I signed the standard scholarship papers to play for Ole Miss in 1948, all players received the same thing: tuition, housing, food, books and $15 a month “Laundry” money.

People are suggesting today that athletes be paid for their services because they bring so much to their universities. I agree with Charlie Mitchell that to pay athletes up to $1,000 a month or more would kill college sports as we know them today. It would turn into a how much can I get if I come to your school situation. Athletes do need spending money like anyone else. Some of their parents are not able to provide it to them. What about a set amount of $100 per month to all? Wouldn’t break the school and would allow the guys to do the normal things other students do.

Beats the cheating going on today.

Norris (Piggie) Caldwell


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