Letters to the Editor: Sept. 23, 2013

Guns have become America’s ‘Golden Calf’

I read the news today. So sad. Another senseless and tragic shooting.

When will we ever learn? The answer is never, as long as we have our love affair with the gun.

God has been replaced. We worship the gun. The gun has become The Golden Calf.

We pass laws protecting and promoting the gun: stand your ground, open carry, blind people packing heat, etc. The Ayatollahs at the NRA preach the goodness of the gun and keep all our lawmakers in line with threats of recall. And we drink the Kool-Aid, fall in line, and worship The Golden Calf.

The NRA has hijacked the 2nd Amendment and only tells you that your rights shall not be infringed, but the part I like best is where it says “well regulated.”

Michael A. Dorman


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  • FrereJocques

    You have bought into the flawed line of reasoning that the anti-gun crowd has pushed for years. You cannot take away guns from EVERYONE. Only the law-abiding would deliberately surrender their firearms. There is an old saying, and while it is cliche, it is also true: “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” We already have laws on the books to regulate guns; many are poorly enforced. Enforce the laws we have, and the situation will be better. But other than that, the best defense against criminals with guns is to have your own gun. There are many statistics that have shown that when the populace is armed, the crime rate goes down. Often dramatically so.

    • 1941641

      Frere, I know you are more intelligent than this! You must be watching TOO much Fox News lately?

      • FrereJocques

        I rarely watch Faux News. I like watching Shepard Smith, who
        isn’t nearly as extreme as most of the Faux commentators, and I occasionally
        watch Bill O’Reilly, who actually attempts to show both sides of the issues.

        My opinion is based on logic and empirical evidence. The
        cities with the highest crime rates in this country are those that have banned
        guns totally. OTOH, crime rates are lowest in areas where everyone packs.

        The real problem is that we are not enforcing gun laws that
        are already on the books. There are already laws around to keep sick and
        mentally ill people from purchasing guns. These are obviously not being well
        enforced. And even if they were, these people still seem to get their hands on
        guns, either through friends and relatives, illegal purchases, or outright theft.
        You are NOT going to solve this problem simply by banning guns. Too many guns
        are already out there, and the criminals and the mentally ill will ignore the
        law anyway.

        If I were in a situation where a deranged person pulled a
        gun and started shooting people, I would fervently hope there is someone close
        by who has his own gun, and will take the opportunity to put an end to the

    • guest

      It would seem to me that with the mass shootings – they are not done with bad guys with guns but with people who should not haave guns. It is bad enough that the public has to deal with bad people with guns but now we have to deal with sick people with guns – all for someone’s idea of their rights.
      There has to be some middle ground here.

      • Guest Person

        Your point could not be better made – everyday we see stories of killings done by not criminals but by sick people who should not have guns. Those brainwashed by the NRA say that we need more guns as if putting more in the market would help. The false logic that that only a good sicko with a gun can stop a bad sicko with a gun. I feel with rights come responsiblity – if you want your guns then you better work on a way to keep guns out of the hands of those that don’t need tp have them – just making them more accessable is not the answer.
        Regular people with guns are not stopping these sick people from their shooting rampages – police and security are. How many more have to die before we see that.

    • Guest Person

      High crime rates have a direct corelation to poor jobs, poor education and an opressed enviroment – this is proven throughout history in our country with many people pushed into crime because they feel there is no options for them. Guns are only the secondary issue as a result of the fore mentioned conditons.
      No one is asking for people to surrender their firearms only to help track and regulate them to keep them out of the hands of those who don’t need to have them.

  • Kevin

    No, Americans don’t worship the gun. Americans worship athletics.