Letters to the Editor: Sept. 26, 2013

Gun crime most deftly describes gun deaths

This letter is in response to the column of Sunday, Sept. 22, by Bob Ray Sanders regarding gun control.

In his column, Sanders touched on all of the usual bogeymen of the pro-gun control/anti-Second Amendment crowd, while painting millions of honest, law-abiding Americans as uncaring, ruthless, paranoid rednecks – or worse.

He neglects to mention that it is the politicization of each of these shootings, which immediately turns every tragedy into an opportunity to weaken the rights of the law abiding (a ploy as predictable as the sunrise) that triggers the rush to buy guns, not the tragedy of the shooting itself. Their constant use of these deaths as a political tool is what gets folks rushing to the gun store, in order to get them while you still can, before their rights are taken away.

The hypocrisy of it is that while they rush to use these tragedies to their advantage, they turn a blind eye to the real problem, which is gun crime.

The anti-gun crowd shamelessly uses these mass shootings in a transparent attempt to attack our constitutional rights, moaning on endlessly about each occurrence, when in fact the 12 people that were killed at the Navy Yard – or even the 26 killed at Newtown – represent the toll of a couple of weekends in liberal bastions of strong gun laws such as Chicago. These are not honest, law-abiding citizens gunning down kids in the streets of Chicago every day; these are known criminals and drug gangs, mostly.

Of course, it’s easier for him to attack the law-abiding, simply because we are law-abiding; we’ll obey the law. This allows them to overlook the real problem, which is tougher to solve, and that is enforcing existing laws and reducing crime. That, you see, simply does not fit the agenda at this time.

Jeff Blyth


  • 1941641

    Mr. Blyth’s letter, reads : “when in fact the 12 people that were killed at the Navy Yard – or even the 26 killed at Newtown – represent the toll of a couple of weekends in liberal bastions of strong gun laws such as Chicago.”

    Mr. Blyth, on July 22, 2011, in Oslo & Buskerud Counties of Norway, another shooting occurred in a “liberal bastion” of strong gun laws which as it turned out took the innocent lives of some 77 Liberal Youth attending a summer camp. The shooter was a right-wing, Conservative, Norwegian, Christian, fanatic named Anders Breivik who is now serving a 21 year sentence for his horrendous crime. (77 victims, 21 years). Google the name “Breivik” and read all the details if you’re interested.

    Touting Liberals as those bad guys/ thugs is not a fair and balanced approach in describing American Society as it exists today, or any day in the past or in the future.

    • Thile

      Blyth, like other phony concern trolls, are only interested in changing the subject. By trotting out the shopworn “liberal bastion” nonsense, he and others are looking to distract from the real issue at hand: the easy accessibility to firearms–particularly the mentally ill.

  • countrydawg

    Another mass shooting, another spate of fatuous platitudes about “freedom,” “CONSITUSHUL RITES,” and “LIBRUL AGENDAS!!!11!!” And other round of folks like Mr. Blyth acting like the mentally ill having access to killing tools has nothing to do with the body count.

  • Winston Smith

    I’m about as pro-gun as it gets, but it’s obviously too easy for the mentally ill to get their hands on firearms and raise hell. Or anyone that shouldn’t have a gun for that matter. All a felon has to do is go to a gun show and they can leave with whatever firearm they choose no questions asked. The question is how exactly do we prevent people that shouldn’t have firearms from getting their hands on them?

  • guest

    What I don’t understand about Mr. Blyth is why he does not see why people get upset after these mass shootings. Why he fails to see that people get frustrated with the same story played over and over again but in a different setting across the country. What I also don’t understand is why people like Mr. Blyth are programmed to strongly react to any reasonable suggestion to regulate the sale of fire arms as a front to their 2nd amendment rights. We have an over whelming majority of US citizens who want to restructure back ground checks and close gun show loop holes to prevent those who mentally cannot handle firearms but that is considered unreasonable by the pro gun lobby. After each and every mass shooting the mentality of the pro gun lobby is to sell the idea that the solution is to get more guns out into the populace.

    I suggest to Mr. Blyth that if he really wants to honor his 2nd Amendment rights and the responsibility that comes with it then stop listening to the gun lobby and work with a clear majority of Americans who want to try and solve this issue. I admit that it will not be easy but I can assure you selling more guns is certainly not the answer.