Letters to the Editor: Sept. 29, 2013

Defunding the ACA’s easier than thought

Can Congress defund Obamacare? Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 of the Constitution provides: “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law. . .” A law requires at least a majority vote (the Senate may require 60 percent) in each house of Congress. If either house refuses to vote for an appropriations bill Obamacare is dead.

Even if the Senate passes an appropriation bill to fund Obamacare, it is still required to be passed by the House to become law.

Likewise, even if the House passes an appropriation bill to fund Obamacare, it is still required to be passed by the Senate to become law.

In other words either house acting alone has full and plenary power to kill Obamacare as dead as a hammer.

The Republicans have a majority in the House and over 41 votes in the Senate. Why is this thing still alive?

John Harget


Florence, Ala.


Many others had to be involved in SNAP fraud

Curiously, the author oof the Baltimore Sun “other opinion” seemed to be only calling for prosecution, to the fullest extent of the law, for the 10 business owners/operators involved in a $7 million fraud perpetrated on the Supplemental Nutrition Assitance Program (SNAP). That amount of fraud would have included hundreds, if not thousands of SNAP participants who were just as guilty as the 10 business owners.

I’m thankful to God that, until recently, my wife and I have always enjoyed full employment and we have never needed any help in feeding ourselves or our family. We still don’t need assistance, and with part-time work and extra jobs, we are still fortunate to be part of the group of taxpayers who provide for the needs of the less fortunate.

At the risk of being perceived as one of those cold, heartless Republicans mentioned by the author, I will make the following statement. Most Americans have no problem offering to help the less fortunate. But the good natures, and the backs, of the American taxpayer should not be required to bear the burden of one single cheater. Everyone involved in defrauding SNAP (which is actually funded by you and me, not “the government”) should be prosecuted and if found guilty, should receive jail time, be made to pay full restitution, and be barred from ever receiving another penny from the taxpayer. There are ways to see that children are fed without allowing cheaters to live off of the system. Nobody really wants to take “billions of dollars out of the mouths of poor people.” But it would be really nice if we could take millions of dollars out of the pockets of the cheaters.

Jack Taylor


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  • 1941641

    And I assume, Mr. Harget, that you are fully insured for health purposes and no existing health conditions have yet to be discovered that would affect your access to health care? A guaranteed lifetime clean bill of health, I suppose?

  • guest

    I think Mr. Harget misses the point on many levels.

    The question is not if Congress can defund it but why blackmail real harm to Americans to do so. The real affront to our system of government is coming from the Republicans. The Affordable Health Care Act was passed through the proper channels and signed into law. The Republicans made the last Presidential election about the AHCA and lost. They took the issue to the Supreme Court and lost. Now they want to circumvent our laws and government to force on the American people what they could not do at the polls.

    Regardless of how you feel about President Obama or the Affordable Health Care Act you do not wish to go down this road. A small section of the House will try and force it’s ideology on America – are you sure you want to go down this road?