Letters to the Editor, September 8, 2013

Once again, someone’s found a war for U.S.

Well, it seems that our Potomac “chicken hawks” have once again found a “killing field” for our brave troops, a place where they can protect our freedom, and way of life, as they have been doing in all these other wars, in which we had no business, since 1945. Our career politicians seem to have got themselves quite upset, because Syria’s bad man, Assad, has killed a number of his own citizens with Sarin gas.

According to Obama, this foreign internal conflict, is somehow presenting a serious danger to our national security. Please explain just how, so we red necks in the boon-docks can understand the situation. Really, all that we see right now, is that the rich owners of all our huge Military-Industrial Complex, will start getting much richer, as they always have, when our explosives start going boom over there.

And Assad is being blamed for killing innocent people. Well, now isn’t that just what we will also be doing, when our missiles start flying? Many red-necks think that the real action in Congress should be-impeachment proceedings. But there doesn’t seem to be any stained dress involved.

Lamar Wray


Obamacare is here to stay in place

It takes a certain level of certifiable ignorance to continually push to defund Obamacare. It is already in effect, funded and being enjoyed by millions of Americans; besides, what would we do about the billions of dollars in benefits already received in lower rates, medical loss ratio, closing of donut holes in Medicare part D and many of the other ubiquitous benefits that are too numerous to count.

What is being sensationalized as detriments when it comes to Obamacare are all falsehoods put forth by those who fear that someone whom they feel don’t deserve it will receive something free. Most of all, there is the persistent fear that those burnished and scintillating accomplishment will shine too bright for someone they hate so much. There will be nothing free when it comes to Obamacare, but there will be great value established by all who decide to partake.

Fear mongers try to invoke the idea that we will be like Canada and Great Britain with people dying while waiting for health care; meanwhile, the facile thinking naysayers forget that people are dying here in America because they are denied access to health care.

President Obama said the Supreme Court would not strike down the Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional. Guess what? They did not. I wish Mr. Settle the letter writer and the millions of other Obama detractors would finally realize that they are putting forth fruitless efforts when it comes to trying to repeal or defund Obamacare because it will never happen.

Arvin Mosley


  • Ells Worth

    Those who support their anointed one ,Obama, can tell a falsehood and pass a lie detecter test because they think telling a lie is not a lie if it honors their messiah.

    • guest


      • 1941641

        Ells Worthless’s problem is this: He thinks He is the right-wing Messiah around town. But, He’s not! LOL in support of Ells’ Worthlessness!!

  • guest

    One does not have to be an Obama supporter to accept reality. Republicans only control one branch of Congress so the issue is pointless other than to cause confusion about the law. Republicans have taken this issue to the Supreme Court and made it center point of the last Presidential elections – they lost on both accounts. Please understand that when the Republican leadership pushes the defunding ideal they are not only failing to govern but they are running a game that has no end or better options. Just being against anything Obama does is not governing you need to have your own ideas or polices.

    I am not surprised at the reality denial though – the Republicans did nominate Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate whose only major policy achievement was to bring a successful health insurance mandate law to Massachusetts – funnt his only successful political achievement and he could not run on it.

    There can’t be a more dysfunctional party.