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Annexation opponentretains strong protest
Whatever happened to the basic democratic principle we hold or held so dearly “No taxation without representation”?
This is exactly the case with the annexation of our lands. The system is flawed undoubtedly because of the lack of insight previous lawmakers had when the law was enacted. Unreasonable taxes and the disruption of our lives and homesteads have become the norm as of lately, all because Tupelo wants to “expand.” Taking a closer look at the area being annexed, the only growth projected is a tax base that Tupelo can tap into.
Most of the areas are residential, with no business commercial property available. All the hype and fluff, i.e., added services and benefits Tupelo claims it will give us is facial makeup covering the underlying ugliness that taxes will go up and our lives will be filled with more rules and restrictions slapped on us unwilling residents of the future Tupelo.
It’s time to fight back once again, forcing Tupeloans to again put out money – for both fights – that could go elsewhere.
They are not ready nor are they capable of being “fair” to us residents in acquiring our land areas. Lee County, Plantersville and Saltillo, please don’t let these people ruin our peace and quiet by forcing us to adhere to unsolicited takeovers.
If the will of the people were ever heard at any of the meetings regarding the takeover, it fell on deaf ears, and the city of Tupelo persists in ramming it down our throats.
So much for democracy. May as well throw out the Constitution and become a totalitarian state.
Marshall Leonard

Senators’ positions seenhelping Iran’s ambitions
Republicans helping Iran?
As shocking as it sound, the Republican Party and Mississippi’s two republican senators are assisting Iran’s goal of becoming a nuclear threat. Why would they do something so utterly stupid? It appears the only thing they care about is political power – and defeating Obama is their only priority.
History has not been kind to the Republicans – they wreaked the economy and everyone knows it. The political calculus to succeed in the last election was for them to become obstructionists and slow the recovery as much as possible. It works – because we are inherently impatient with a short attention span and willing to lay blame where it is convenient.
I do not believe we have the luxury to entertain more political games where national security is concerned. We need others working with us and not against us when it comes to Iran. We need an agreement with Russia to “hold their feet to the fire” and prevent them helping Iran. The Republicans have delayed this – and now seek to thwart any attempt at holding Russia and Iran accountable.
In two years, if Iran is a nuclear power with a crazy-man’s hand on the trigger. Few are going to remember that it was the Republicans, especially Mississippi’s Senators that were the cause. We are going to hear that we need a “Strong” president to thwart Iran – and maybe one that is crazy enough to go to war with Iran.
No Mississippi senator faces any threat politically – their incumbency is absolute. As such they are not concerned with any electoral condemnation for this self-serving “sin of omission.” I would ask, when the lie comes out of their mouths, blaming another for Iran’s nuclear threat, that you know it for what it really is.
Robert Strickland
Red Bay, Ala.

Fundamentally transformingU.S. perceived as real threat
I would suggest that most Americans do not remember the time when our government actually investigated anti-American activities.
Presently, we live in the time of political correctness, appeasement and broad-mindedness. This type of political correctness is currently the accepted way to govern. What a change in a relatively short time! I, for one, believe that our basic American way of life is in serious endangerment. The push to “fundamentally transform” America with the doctrine of redistribution of wealth is clearly a drive toward socialism.
The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA) (1938-1975) was formed to protect us from any attack on our form of government guaranteed by our Constitution. It investigated real and suspected communists. It looked into threats of subversion or propaganda that attacked our way of life, the American way. To summarize, it was the watch-dogs to keep America the way our founders envisioned it. In 1975 the House of Representatives abolished the committee. The functions were transferred to the House Judiciary Committee. I don’t believe the House Judiciary Committee is doing their job, do you?
Many of us from an older generation stay in a state of deep frustration. We ask,”What in the world is going on?” We all understand our right of freedom of speech. With that noted, I exercise my freedom of speech and ask, “Why does the movement to ‘fundamentally transform’ our national heritage, go unchecked?” Our Constitution is under attack from even people in high leadership places. Making light and the mocking of our Constitution have become normal. Is this not an un-American activity?
Donald R. Fox

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