Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Touched By An Angel makes a difference in lives of kids
I wanted to let readers know what Touched by an Angel Ministries and Camp means to those who are involved with the ministry. I have been volunteering at Touched by an Angel camp since 2005. I started off volunteering with my church youth group one weekend in the spring, and I have been there ever since. What first captured my attention and gripped my heart, was the loving, smiling faces of the special needs children and adults we were serving.
They absolutely loved camp. It was evident from the start that we were really making a difference in their lives. Also, they were making a huge difference in our lives. They had an abundance of love and energy to share with us. I knew this was the kind of blessing from God that would be on-going and few things could ever compare with. The magnitude of what TBAAM camp means to the campers was evident that first weekend.
The campers did not want to go home! They wanted to stay and continue spending time with us, their friends, and participating in the many fun activities we have at camp.
Since that first volunteer experience as a counselor one weekend, I have been a volunteer and later a staff member for two summers, and still serve as volunteer staff every weekend camp. Through Touched by an Angel Ministries, I have made lasting friendships, learned things about myself that I never would have otherwise, and have found an abundance of love and encouragement. TBAAM is such an important ministry. Some of the people we serve would never have anywhere to go and just hang out with friends, have fun, and simply enjoy living, if it were not for TBAAM. As for me, my world has been made a better place, because of Touched by an Angel Ministries.
Kimberly Hardy

Parking citations defeat Tupelo’s welcome claim
Recently it was neccessary for me to go transact some business matters at the Lee County Justice Center. I parked my vehicle in a legal parking space on the east side on the Lee County Court. This matter and other business took approximately 2 ½ hours. When I returned to my vehicle I found a parking citation on my windshield. The cost of the citation was $15 dollars.
The cost of the citation is not what concerns me, what does concern me is the fact that Tupelo spends thousands of dollars to encourage people to come to downtown or uptown Tupelo but then penalizes them if they stay longer than two hours.
I loved living in Tupelo for 30 years, but this and many more restrictions and permits are the reason we moved to the county.
Deral McKnight
Brices Crossroads

GOP makes rich fat cat its primary concern
May I applaud the letter from Al Cohen that appeared on Sunday, Aug. 1? Cohen hit the nail on the head concerning the “party of no,” yet this one issue merely scratches the surface.
The GOP has repeatedly demonstrated its primary concerns. First and foremost is making certain that big business as well as the most affluent of society are kept profoundly secure, or as Mr. Cohen stated, “fat cat friends.”
The Republican party claims to be adamant about spending reduction, yet the ludicrous thing about their position is the lack of concern shown about reckless spending during the Bush administration. Throughout his presidential campaign in 2008, Sen. John McCain emphasized how his party often spent like drunken sailors. Was he being blatently honest or merely attempting to secure votes ?
We’re spending eight billion dollars per month for two wars but are somehow reluctant to handle matters here at home. Most GOP politicians were against the health care plan along with the bill extending benefits to the unemployed. This came as no surprise.
Anyone who is naive enough to believe that the Republican party’s priority isn’t big business/status quo need only remember Sen. Joe Barton’s (R-Tex.) apology to BP for causing the Gulf Coast disaster. Strange, but I don’t recall his apology to the residents of the Gulf for their losses. Maybe he needs to join Tony, “I want my life back” Heyward in Siberia, as he obviously was more sympathetic to BP.
As an Independent, I have voted for candidates from both parties. However, I have come to the conclusion that the Republican Party of today is not the same party that my parents, God rest their souls, endorsed throughout the 50’s and 60’s.
Kathy Fealhaber

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