Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Church friends stand behind fired substitute
We would like to use this means of showing support for one among our community who has lost her much needed job and has suffered mental and spiritual agony over what could be considered a forgivable incident that happened in the classroom where she had been assigned as a substitute teacher. We feel that if she had been given the well-deserved support from her first line of defense, her principal, all of the harsh and undeserved treatment that she got could have been avoided.
Marilyn is in her sixteenth year in this school system where she signed a contract as a teacher’s assistant and a school bus driver. In all these years she never had any trouble. This is the real story:
– As substitute teacher at the end of the day – having tried to keep order in a fifth grade classroom – writing the names of the ones who have misbehaved on a list for the teacher to see the next day – the substitute teacher cannot remember the name of one of the young men so she turns to him and asks his name – so the young man answers, for all to hear, “My name is N____!” So in shock from his answer she replied, “If N____ is your name, that’s what I’ll put on the list.” But of course, she didn’t.
– At the March 8 meeting of the Houston School Board, the mother of the student who called himself the N____ word thanked the school board for firing Marilyn and said that it was not OK to stand in the classroom and say that kind of thing to anybody, especially our children.
We all agree to that.
She failed to mention that it was her son that brought the word to the classroom. We didn’t hear any apology for her son’s use of the word or of any punishment he received from her or from the school. He and his classmates may think that it’s a pretty good word to use because it got the teacher fired and the student who brought it to the room got on TV.
Joyce Aycock
Anne Harrington
Rev. Steve Lampkin
The McCondy Methodist
Church Family

Read the scriptures, even Book of Mormon
I have heard all of the things people have had to say about this IAHS prom deal. One thing amazes me, nobody has mentioned what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has to say. People are complaining I want my way. What about Christ’s way? Spoiled people who are doing wrong want attention and that helps them feel all right.
Remember, one day we will all meet our maker and no matter what, you will be called to repentance for everything you have said and done in your lifetime. We cannot lie to Jesus Christ. Always remember that.
Do what is right and all will be well. Read the Scriptures including the Book of Mormon. Just because you read it doesn’t mean you have to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It will help you understand what we need to be preparing for. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and wish all of us could know the hurt we cause Him over things like this. I love the gospel and we all need to pray all through the day for ourselves and one another. Prayer works. I know. Been there, done that.
Christ wants peace, love and understanding for all of us all over the worlds He has made.
Jean Marie Johnson Midkiff

Legislator should apologize for remarks
Mississippi Rep. Steve Palazzo should apologize for his offensive and demeaning comments about unemployed workers in Mississippi.
In an interview with Carl Gibson of Mississippi Public Broadcasting last week, Rep. Palazzo said Mississippi families should not receive the $56.1 million from the federal government because the state “doesn’t want people lingering at home.” Rep. Palazzo further stated that “if you lose a job, just go out and find another job. There’s jobs out there, you’ve just got to be willing to work.”
With Mississippi facing the greatest recession since the Great Depression and Mississippi workers facing the highest unemployment rate in decades, I am outraged that House Republicans are so out of touch with reality that they think unemployed workers are unwilling to work. Since the beginning of the recession, Mississippi has lost nearly 75,000 jobs. To suggest these workers are too lazy to find work is reprehensible.
Not only should Rep. Palazzo apologize, he should also support the changes necessary to accept $56 million from the federal government that would help more than 40,000 Mississippi families over four years survive this recession.
Robert Shaffer
Mississippi AFL-CIO

Landowner sarcastically notes trespassing hunters
This is a landowner’s perspective on hunting.
The modern hunter: First, he/she buys a four-wheeler, then a four-wheel drive pickup, then a two-way radio with a 10-foot long antenna, and a pair of wire cutters.
Lastly, he/she buys a gun.
After those purchases this gives him/her the supreme right to trespass (with signs posted), drive over wet fields, tear up field roads, cut figure eights in fields, mud ride, cut fences, shoot livestock and generally disrespect private property.
Enough said?!
William Rex Patterson

Mitchell misses point about normal attraction
I believe a little perspective is needed in Lena Mitchell’s March 21 column, “Gay people in our midst aren’t going away.” That is, there are moral and normal sexual rules in this world. Sexual attraction between men and women is normal, as marriage between a man and a woman is the moral glue of society. And all ways outside of this are a part of the decay around us.
If something is true then the opposite can’t be true. If desire between a man and a woman is normal, then all desires opposite this desire can’t be normal. Surely nobody can argue that all desires of our fallen race are normal. And surely many immoral desires weaken the fabric of liberty.
Tim Holland

Socialism seen in actions on political battle line
The health care bill has been rammed through the Congress. “We have to vote on it so we know what’s in it,” as Nancy Pelosi said, will now happen. We will see if it’s true that each citizen gets eight visits to a doctor a year, or that the IRS will be in charge of it as they will have 26,000 new employees to check each year that each taxpaying citizen has insurance and the right kind of insurance, approved by the federal government. They will also tax those citizens that don’t have the right insurance.
Now we can watch the cap and trade bill rammed through and find our utility bills go out of sight. Then the amnesty bill.
Welcome to socialism, America.
But do not despair. Now is the time to do all in our power to stand firm. Write letters, make phone calls and vote in November.
Marion D. Linde

Democrats should prepare to pay in fall
On March 21, I was listening to Speaker Pelosi expound on the merits of the health reform bill which was to be voted on. I understood her to say, “This bill will save Americans $1.3 trillion.”
This is great news! This bill will subsidize small businesses with no health benefits; subsidize individuals who cannot afford health insurance; reduce the cost of prescription drugs; reduce the national deficit; and still save the taxpayers $1.3 trillion. Evidently, there are no negatives to this bill. If Speaker Pelosi really believes all of this I would like to sell her some ocean front property in Arizona.
If Congress wants to provide a health care package to most Americans, why don’t they give us the same health care coverage they have given themselves? It would probably cost a few trillion dollars more, and what’s a few more trillion on top of what our children and grandchildren will have to pay?
I think the Democrats will pay dearly in November, not only for passing an unpopular bill, but also for the vote-buying-behind-closed-door-deals that were made to get this bill passed. Now, in the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”
Earnest “Dee” Streit

People reminded what being Christian means
Why do people who are not living in Itawamba County think they know what is best for our school?
Well, let me tell you I am proud of our board members and faculty more than ever for standing for what is right. Maybe you forgot about Creation. God created man and woman. Adam first, then Eve. Plain enough for you? Or do you still not understand? Well, nature itself would tell you that two male dogs cannot have puppies by themselves. You narrow-minded people are forgetting, we do not have to answer to the ACLU when we die but to God and Him only. So if you think you are a Christian, well, let me remind you the Bible says to be a Christian is to be Christ-like. Well, it looks like some are lacking the principles. If you want to live like this, do not try to shove this down our throats. For we are standing on solid ground. Christ gave us a road map to Heaven. It is the straight and narrow way.
Read Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:24 and Matthew 7:13-27 and then tell me we true Christians are wrong. God has richly blessed me and the least I can do is take a stand against the wrong in this world and live for Him. I have two grown married children and five grandchildren with a great-grandchild on the way. I want to be an example and not a stumbling block to any of them and to the rest of the world. In Christ I will stand. I am not judging. The Bible says you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears.
Mary Pearl Rogers

Sports venue smoking ban helps prevention
The Mississippi Legislature is currently working to pass a Senate bill that would prohibit smoking or chewing tobacco at public venues for youth sports events. This bill will be an important step in the larger battle for a smoking ban in all public places. A state lawn banning tobacco products at youth sports events is a great step in the right direction.
Katie Gann, RN, BSN
(and three others)
Delta State University

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