Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Leonard Pitts’ column found to be insulting
I found the article written by Leonard Pitts (April 26) to be narrow-minded and insulting.
It is no secret that the Daily Journal tends to lean left.
Pitts declares, “The numbers are in.”
Then he spouts off about how we are middle-aged, white, wealthy, angry, right-wing radicals. Was he there counting people at our Tupelo Tea Party? I was there. There were several black speakers and guests. There were moms and dads with kids. There were retired folks. It was quite a gathering and it was quite inspiring.
For the most part we are Christian, hard-working Americans who want the best for all in our country. Large government is not the answer for us or our children. Pitts refers to race as a way to divert attention from the truth.
Race does not have a place in politics and is totally irrelevant.
As God’s child, I love all people. I don’t like President Obama’s views and politics. I couldn’t care less about his skin color.
Mary Tudor

License applicant seeks to defend business
On April 8, 2010, there was an article in the Daily Journal discussing a decision made by the Tupelo City Council. A ruling gave me a temporary plumbing license for a year, even though I did not pass the exam with a score of 70 or better.
I’m not writing this letter out of anger toward the “facts” that were published or the comments made by a member of the board who voted against the decision. What I am uneasy about is how the front page article has brought a negative light toward my family’s plumbing business. Since the article, we’ve lost jobs and we’ve been the topic of discussion amongst plumbing parts stores and hardware shops.
I’ve worked as an apprentice since 2000 under my father, Archie L. Scott Sr., who’s been a trusted licensed plumber in Tupelo for more than 20 years. I’ve also come one point shy of passing the plumbing exam twice, back to back, which led us to challenge and bring the results of the exams to the City Council. I explained in the meeting with the board that I did not want a handout. I just did what the law permitted. In business I’ve learned that your name and work mean everything. Also, the legacy you leave behind will determine the success of that business over the years, which is why I plan to take the exam until I pass, so my father’s work will not be in vain, and the legacy he leaves with me will not be tarnished.
Archie L. Scott Jr.

Help protect animals through sterilization
May 2-May 8 is “Be Kind to Animals” week.
How ironic that the cruel incident Leslie Criss wrote about in the April 25 issue of the Journal occured the week prior to the May event.
It is doubtful that the so-called family who dumped Bear will suffer any pangs of guilt over their heartless decision to abandon him. All this bruhaha over the poor dog spilling a drink.
Thankfully, this innocent creature was rescued from any further harm that could have befallen him. And yes, Mississippi is in dire need of a Felony Animal Cruelty Law. Unfortunately, the passage of such a law recently failed.
We can all participate in various ways to benefit our animal companions. The best decision we can make is to have our pets spayed and neutered. This is a safe, inexpensive procedure that will not only reduce pet over-population, but will ensure a healthier animal.
Spay, Inc. is a very low-cost sterilization program in north Mississippi. Initiated by Ruth Shelton 11 years ago, it has provided assistance to hundreds of individuals throughout the area. Give Ruth a call at (662) 869-9900 to make an appointment that will benefit your best friend for a lifetime.
Kathy Fealhaber

Turn vegan and avoid big oil blowout damage
After the tragic oil rig explosion in the Gulf Coast, and the resulting oil spill, which continues to spread, many people are looking for answers. How did this disaster occur—and how can we prevent similar disasters from happening in the future? The blame may lie with what we put on our plates.
More than one-third of the fossil fuels produced in America are used to raise animals for food. Massive amounts of grains and soybeans are grown for animal feed and are transported to processors in gas-guzzling, pollution-spewing 18-wheelers. More energy is used up operating feed mills and factory farms, trucking animals many miles to slaughter, operating slaughterhouses, and then trucking the meat to processing plants.
It takes approximately 10 times more fossil fuels – not to mention significantly more land and water – to produce meat than to produce vegan food. Meat production is also a leading source of water pollution in the U.S. We can all help curb America’s appetite for oil, conserve resources, and reduce pollution by going vegan. To learn more, see www.GoVeg.com.
Heather Moore
Research Specialist
PETA Foundation
Norfolk, Va.

Charlie Mitchell got the Tea Party folks just right
While I confess to often being guilty of characterizing tea-partiers as stingy and possibly racist, I’m forced to revise my views after reading Charlie Mitchell’s defense of the movement.
I’m afraid he’s right about the middle class in this country receiving the short-shrift, but the most important thing to remember, in my opinion, is the cause of this dilemma (which Mr. Mitchell also points out): that George W. Bush ran this country’s finances into the ground with the full support and encouragement of a Republican-controlled Congress. Two wars (the necessity of one of which was dubious at best), far-reaching tax cuts during those wars, and a vast Medicare Prescription Drug expansion; all paid for by the very same creative legislative procedures for which Republicans today criticize the Democrats in their passage of the Health Care bill.
Come November, I hope the voters of this state remember these facts before voting to put any Republican in office.
Jamie McFadden
Mississippi State

Baldwyn man’s criticism of gays seen as wrong
This is in response to Bill Williams of Baldwyn’s letter in the April 18 Journal.
Who who died and put Williams in charge of who should live and who should die? He should know that there are many homosexual people who yearn to be accepted in their church’s congregation, but are denied that because of people like him. In spite of what he may think, gay people do not choose their sexual orientation. You want proof? Answer this: When did Williams decide that he would be heterosexual? He says he never made such a choice because he was never interested in being homosexual? Maybe he was born heterosexual.
There is no need to quote Bible verses to gay people. They are already very familiar with them. They call them the “Clobber Texts,” because people like Williams beat gay people over the head with them to prove how sinful and unworthy they are.
Gay people did not reject religion; religion rejected them. I thank God that salvation does not require being part of someone’s “religion.”
God created man in His own image. If gay people are made that way, then who is Williams to condemn them? Have he considered that some day, he may stand in front of the Judgment Throne, and hear God say, “Why did you condemn My gay sons and daughters? Forasmuch as you did to them, I shall do to you.”
Maybe if he would widen his reading of the Bible he would find texts like John 6:37, which says, “Everything the Father gives me will come to me, and I’ll never turn away the one who comes to me.” (ISV).
Williams compares gay people to the inhabitants of Sodom. Homosexuality was not their predominant sin, in spite of what the fundamentalist preachers say. Read Ezekiel 16:49: “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”
Finally I would urge him to read Matthew 7:1, and heed its advice.
Jerry Mathis

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