Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Manufacturers push talks in plant standoff
On April 29, Mississippi Power Co. received an order from the Mississippi Public Service Commission on its proposed coal gasification plant in Kemper County. The commission’s order included several conditions that, according to MPCo, may deter the project. This would be detrimental to our state in many ways.
It is widely known that future demands for energy will only continue to grow. This project not only would fulfill that need but also offer our state a leadership role in creating energy independence for Mississippi in an environmentally friendly way.
The Kemper County facility’s gasification process would use cleaner, less expensive and more reliable methods for power production from lignite, a brown coal. Because lignite is an abundant natural resource in our state that is largely unused, the energy is sustainable. In addition, lignite is affordable and not subject to highly volatile pricing swings like natural gas, making this an affordable option to consumers.
The shelving of this project would also have economic consequences. MPCo’s $2.4 billion investment in the facility would greatly expand the local tax revenue, and an estimated 260 permanent jobs, plus 1,000 jobs during peak construction, would be created.
The loss of this project is of great concern to Mississippi’s manufacturers because the largest consumers of energy are manufacturers. Failure to construct this plant will result in substantial costs to our members and threaten their competitiveness. We urge the Commission and MPCo to continue working together to make this project a reality.
Jay C. Moon, CEcD, FM
President and CEO
Mississippi Manufacturers Association
Democrats only should not hold Congress
I’m really concerned about what’s becoming of our country.
In this first year of the Obama administration, I’ve seen what can happen when one party has total control over the executive and legislative branches of our government. Especially when they are led by a president without a past, who has contempt for the traditional values and institutions this country was built upon.
Their assault on individual liberties, property rights and our capitalist system has been undeniable. They must maintain their majorities in the two houses of Congress for a few more years to complete Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” our country. The bitter partisan fighting between the two major political parties has shown us that “party” is the only thing that matters. They ignore what their constituents want and vote the party line. Maintaining control of the Congress is their primary focus. Completing the transformation of our constitutional form of government is their goal. Remember, the Obama health care bill passed both houses of Congress without a single Republican vote.
I know most folks around here consider themselves conservative. Polls show that the majority of people in the country say the same thing. In spite of this, a radical president, a handful of “blue dog” Democrats and the rest of the liberal Democrats in Congress are taking control over our lives in ways we never imagined.
I know that what the Democrats are doing to this country right now is wrong. The rise of the Tea Party movement and the outcry from average citizens should have put our congressional Democrats on notice. They know how concerned we are.
As the campaign kicks off for the November elections, they will almost certainly tell us how they will hold the line against the president’s radical politics. You can’t believe them. Don’t be fooled if our “conservative” Democrats try to disassociate themselves with what is going on in Washington. Don’t let them get away with it.
Jerry W. Chapman
Appointed Saltillo chief reflects loss of rights
This is in response to Donald Cullum’s agreement for the police chief of Saltillo to be appointed rather than elected.
This is just another one of our rights taken away and I believe the people of Saltillo are a lot wiser than to elect an 18-year-old into that position as long as he paid his $25.
I believe that those 100 people, including myself, were opposing that right being taken away. From Washington on down, one by one, we are losing our rights. I tend to side with Mr. Birch from a week or two ago. We will remember on the next election. Donald is a good person, I just tend to disagree on this one. Thanks to Mr. Glidewell and Mrs. Webb for standing up for those who got them in office and representation for the people of Saltillo.
Judy Dunaway

MEC offers website assistance for aid
The nation’s attention turned to Mississippi again on Saturday as devastating tornadoes swept across our state, leaving a path of destruction.
Gov. Barbour and his team were on the scene across Mississippi on Saturday – and the national message he sent via the airwaves was that Mississippians were responding to help fellow Mississippians, just as so many responded to go to the aid of our friends and neighbors in coastal counties in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Mississippi’s true spirit was showing … and now we have an opportunity to continue to put our secret weapon – our people – to work in continuing to help those agencies that are stretched to provide resources continue to make a difference.
We are providing links on our website to some places you can help: www.mec.ms. I hope you will take a minute to help make a difference for our fellow Mississippians.
Please take a minute and focus on how you might help the victims of this terrible natural disaster.

Blake Wilson, President
Mississippi Economic Council

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