Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Nobody’s squawking against the waste
How come nobody – liberal or conservative – is squawking about wasting trillions on bail-outs of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Haliburton?
That’s money we’re borrowing from China and stealing from our grandkids. I can halfway understand the logic behind spending our grandkids’ trillions on sick Americans (they buy lots of Democratic votes) but why doesn’t our Peace-Prize President let our troops spend our trillions “nation-building” at home?
You in-FOX-icated neo-cons will now flash the “military card” which reads: “Traitor! You’re against wars so you hate soldiers.” Listen: President Kennedy was ordering troops out of Vietnam when his assassination cancelled his attempt to save American lives (55,000).
Did some lobbyist from the “complex” recently remind Obama of that fact? (Check out JFK and the Unspeakable and Lew Rockwell.com).
Bob Craig

Obama’s claims fail against light of facts
President Obama’s claim that the current healthcare reform bill will reduce costs and preserve good medicine is utterly false.
We are about to witness a federal spending spree, the likes of which this country has never seen. ObamaCare is certain to cripple an already struggling economy, reduce the quality of healthcare and usher in a two-tiered system where patients see a skilled doctor only if able to afford one, all in the name of providing for some 30 million uninsured, most of whom choose not to buy health insurance and instead waste money on things they do not need.
Welcome to socialist America. Here you will find Hope and Change in a land where the entitlement culture reigns supreme, for now.
Some fine day, the simple and timeless laws of economics will rule once again and the federal government will collapse under the weight of a burden it can no longer bear, as it should for ignoring proven free market principles. No amount of planning or regulation by the federal government will ever substitute for personal responsibility and the competitive free market.
Healthcare costs are out of control because responsible citizens pay a disproportionate share for the care they receive to cover those who waste their money on vices and nonessential goods.
My fellow Americans: How long are you willing to pay for someone else’s mediocre healthcare?
Starner Jones, MD

Juvenile diabetes group raises $530,000 at event
On Dec. 3, the Mississippi Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) held a ceremony at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum to celebrate another successful year raising money to cure one the world’s most deadly diseases.
The centerpiece of that success was this year’s Walk to Cure Diabetes, where thousands of ordinary Mississippians came to Jackson to participate in one of our state’s largest single-day fundraising events.
I was honored to serve as corporate chair of this year’s walk, which was held in Jackson Oct. 24. It was people from all parts of the state who made the difference as we raised money to find a cure for diabetes.
Nearly 24 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and Mississippi is particularly hard hit because of our high obesity rate. More important than the numbers, however, is the suffering that a child with diabetes has to endure – the thousands of shots, the constant blood monitoring and the hopelessness that many children experience day in and day out as they deal with a disease they will have for the rest of their life.
JDRF is determined to find a cure. With today’s economy, we were not sure how successful this year’s walk would be but Mississippians showed their giving spirit once again. With contributions large and small, we raised $530,000 and brought 2,000 people together for a day of fun and purpose. We had a great time, but everyone there was committed to one goal – getting rid of this awful disease.
We had great support from the Mississippi business community as well. I want to thank sponsors such as Howard Industries, Entergy Mississippi, Ross & Yerger, Tower Loan – and, of course, Atmos Energy – for contributing time and money to this important cause. Also deserving special thanks are family groups such as the Kyle McCoy family who work so hard to find a cure because they know personally the impact of diabetes.
Whether you joined us for the walk or contributed to the cause, I and everyone at JDRF give you a big “thank you.” If you’re reading this letter and are thinking that you’d like to find out more about next year’s walk, just call JDRF at (601) 981-1184 or visit them online at: www.jdrfmississippi.org.
David Gates, chair,
2009 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

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