Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Journal fails to give Gen. R.E. Lee his due
Kudos once again to the Harrisburg Camp, Tupelo, Sons of the Confederate Veterans for the purchase of a classified ad to recognize the State of Mississippi official holiday in honor of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.
The Mississippi holiday falls on the third Monday of January, same day at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday.
Once again your newspaper did not mention the Robert E. Lee Mississippi holiday in an article or in editorial comment. Why is that? Is that proper or fair? I think not.
Dr. King talked a lot about character or the content thereof. Robert E. Lee had an abundance of character and is still a man to be revered, remembered and honored for his personal sacrifice for what he felt was his country. Would it not be fair to recognize General Lee, his birthday and holiday? After all, it’s a part of our history and deserves to be recalled and taught.
David C. Horn
Camp 1726 Houston
Sons of Confederate Veterans

No clout for Nunnelee, Childers or McGlowan
As the race for First District congressman in Mississippi starts to heat up, I think it’s reasonable to examine the two main contenders who want to face Travis Childers before we get snowed under in T.V. ads. (If you thought the T.V. ads were nasty when Greg Davis and Childers faced off, folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.) The two main Republicans are state Sen. Alan Nunnelee and Fox News commentator Angela McGlowan.
Ladies first. McGlowan has zero government experience. She was a professional lobbyist for many years. Now she is a tiny fish at Fox among big fish like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin. One Republican criticism, among many, of Barack Obama is that he is a man of little experience who sounds good at a microphone. If this criticism of Obama is valid, then doesn’t it apply equally to McGlowan? What qualifies her for office besides sounding good on camera?
Now, Sen. Nunnelee. He has many years of experience in the Mississippi Legislature and has talked mighty words about cleaning up Washington. Forgive me this impertinent question, but how does sending one more career politician to a city overflowing with career politicians already supposed to change anything?
Does an employee hired off the street yesterday have influence with the bosses of your business? That is exactly how much influence Nunnelee or McGlowan will have for the people of north Mississippi in Congress next January if they are elected.
This doesn’t mean Childers has much more influence than they would. Among 435 Congressmen, he’s probably about No. 390.
My point, fellow voters, is don’t expect miracles from Childers, Nunnelee or McGlowan if they win in November. Despite what all three will tell us all year long, there is little or nothing that any of them can accomplish for north Mississippi and not a one of them will change government. That’s like expecting a minnow to tell a pond full of catfish what to do.
Richard Wilkinson

Lamar Wray’s position won’t stand any scrutiny
This is in response to a letter by Lamar Wray on Jan. 24. He was blaming Fox News for distorting facts about the health care bill. Fox News reports the news and does not make it. I am glad that one news organization stands up for the American people. Watching the others, we would not hear truths. They still lean left, drink the Kool-Aid and so on. I guess that is the reason their ratings are lower than Fox News.
Let’s talk about transparency. The president said there would be transparency. What a joke! This came from the president’s mouth. Fox News didn’t make it up. I tend to not believe anyone that lies to me repeatedly, no matter who they are.
Don’t worry about the Democrats. They won’t rest until this health care plan is shoved down our throats. They want to do this no matter if they lose their seats in Washington or not.
And, no, I don’t have a great health care plan. I have two supplementals and that’s all I can afford.
A smart man once said, there is none so blind as those that won’t see.
As for being balanced, when a Republican is making a point, they always have a Democrat telling their side. If they aren’t, they say they were invited for their comment.
I am glad that I am on the other side and didn’t vote for this president. I guess Lamar Wray is afraid his vote was the wrong one and is afraid to admit it.
Judy Dunaway

Salvation Army notes generous Christmas gifts
In regard to the support provided during this Christmas season, The Salvation Army is more appreciative than you could ever imagine. Even though our great country is experiencing economic difficulties, the community at large showed no hesitation in their charity. From volunteered times, to goods, and financial support, we here at The Salvation Army were reminded just what a wonderful city we serve.
Our Angel Tree program was as successful as ever this year. With 8,653 toys distributed among approximately 2,000 children, the response to the call was wonderful. Many of our longtime supporters were financially unable to contribute, but they still did their part by volunteering their time. With well over 500 hours invested at the Angel Tree itself in the mall, our Women’s Auxiliary did its share and then some. Distribution was no different. The help was tremendous! With about 1,500 volunteer hours, the actual dispensing of gifts was a very smooth operation. Civic groups and individuals alike logged over 1,000 hours at the kettle this year, ringing bells. Our volunteer army was stronger than ever.
It is because so many of you have chosen The Salvation Army as your avenue of exhibiting the spirit of service that we have been able to touch the lives of so many. Thank you and may God bless you all for your contributions as well as your prayers. We stand because of the amazing support we get from our community.
Major Sue Dorman
Commanding Officer for the Tupelo Corps

Health care, insurance costs will consume us
Now that our Congress has had the great debate on our health care system and the only thing to come out of it is possibly a weak, watered down bill that solves few of the problems, what’s next?
Let’s look at some facts. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal, we must all accept the fact that the cost of our health care is out of control. In the U.S. our annual health care cost is approaching $8,000 per person while the rest of the industrialized world the cost is a little less than $4,000 per person. In the U.S. the cost of health insurance continues to increase at an annual rate of approximately 12 percent while salaries have been increasing annually at around 2 percent or less. If these rates of increase continue, health insurance cost will double in a little over six years. Within 20 years health care costs and health insurance premiums will consume most of the GNP of our nation.
Will Congress and the public put aside partisan politics along enough to solve this problem? Will the public continue to believe propaganda instead of finding out the facts? If we continue down the same path, how long will it take before the economy collapses? Five years, 10 years? If the economy falls into a depression, will our form of government survive or will it be replaced by a totalitarian type of government?
I favor a single payer national health insurance system much like the ones in other industrialized nations where the health care result is much better than in the U.S. at about half the cost.
Many Americans are of the opinion that government agencies are incapable of managing anything as well as the “for profit” private sector even though the facts show that Medicare has an overhead of 3 to 5 percent while “for profit” health insurance companies have an overhead of 25 to 30 percent. Regardless of how you feel, the health care crisis must be solved.
David Summers

Make legislators work overtime without pay
I am a high school teacher with the public schools in Alcorn County and I appreciate Gov. Barbour’s effort to make us, as Mississippians, live within our means. That is what I attempt to teach my students in Accounting every day.
Since he is looking for ways to cut money from our state budget for this next year, I have a suggestion. For years now, it seems that our Legislature is unable to complete their regular business within the days allocated to them. This happens year after year.
Therefore, because they will not compromise and work out a budget, for instance, they have to be called back to Jackson to get their work finished – all at taxpayers’ expense, of course.
My suggestion is that we only provide payment to the Legislature for the regular legislative session. If it is unable or unwilling to cooperate in order to complete work, then it is welcome to return to Jackson and finish business any way they want to but at their own expense.
Now, let’s see how fast they can accomplish what they have to do in the time they have to do it in! There is no other job in the state of Mississippi where the employees can increase their pay just because they want.
You be that person who will step up and represent us as the taxpayers of Mississippi and demand that the Legislature quit padding their pocketbooks by taking advantage of us.
Twila Bridges
Alcorn County

Link infrastructure to health coverage
How’s this for a jobs-creation/ health care idea – straight out of George McLean?
Determine to rebuild infrastructure: national parks, dams, road and rail bridges, power grids to carry electricity to supply charging plug-in cars, etc. Bid it out to private construction.
Accept bids only from companies who will provide family health coverage for workers. With more private companies shopping for health care insurance, deals can be swung with competing insurance companies. With increased buying power among working families, more money will circulate in hometowns, stimulating local economies and increasing employment.
No more far-fetched than a lot of other stuff I’ve read.
Charles Robertson, MD

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