Letters to the Editor

Obama’s programs pose
threat to our stability
Newt Gingrich had the following assessment of the Obama administration’s first 100 days, “President Obama’s first 100 days have been spectacularly successful.” The first 100 days resulted in the most rapid, radical ,government-expanding agenda in American history. Some of the more notable accomplishments include a $787 BILLION stimulus package that was more a gift to his special interest supporters than a stimulus to the economy. A supplemental appropriations bill was loaded with more than 8,000 congressional earmarks for special interests. Obama has turned the Federal Reserve and FDIC into unregulated spending machines that “create” money from thin air and will result in ruining the value of our money through inflation. The government is taking over our major financial institutions and the auto industry.
The Obama administration has proposed a $3.5 trillion 2010 budget that will add over $9 trillion to the national debt in ten years. It includes nationalized health. It includes a “cap and trade” energy tax that is expected to add more than $3,000 to your yearly energy cost. When we have over 13 million unemployed American workers, hearings are under way in Congress on another amnesty for illegal aliens.
If you are concerned about this radical “change” that Obama promised as a candidate, now is the time to take action. Contact your elected representatives and express your views. Vote your convictions at every opportunity. Participate in public events like the recent TEA parties and send a clear message to Washington that we do not intend to leave a bankrupt nation to our children. This irrational spending and debt accumulation poses a real threat to the survival of our nation and it will be our own fault if we remain silent and allow it to happen. Many Americans today have quietly watched half their wealth and millions of jobs disappear due to government mismanagement and catering to special interests. The legal theft will continue until we, the people, take a stand and say, “No More”.
Raymond Settle
Blue Mountain
Passport miscue denied
couple son’s wedding
Monday was the wedding day of our only child, and we could not attend. He and his bride were to be married on the beach in Mexico, and even though we have a valid United States passport card and were allowed to visit the Cancun area last year, we were denied boarding in Memphis.
It seems that there is a Passport card only valid for water and land travel, not by air. We found out too late and now we have missed one of the most important days in the life of our son and daughter-in-law. We write to hopefully spare another our heartache.
Just a few words of disclaimer on our ‘card’ passport or a few words from a travel agent could have made the difference. Please inform anyone you know who is traveling abroad to check and make sure that they have the correct documents.
Betsy and Tom Berry
Traditional patriotism
threatened by politics
Wake up America, after the Department of Homeland Security put together a so-called anti-terrorism security assessment that targets mainstream Americans as dangerous extremists, I thought I should write this while I am still free.
It may be that I will be carted away in the middle of the night since I am a veteran, attend church, oppose abortion, think that the government is too intrusive and way too big, oppose illegal immigration, and believe that the Constitution is the foundation of our liberty.
It’s strange isn’t it, that believing in the teachings of the Bible and that laws should be enforced gets one labeled as an extremist.
Wake up America.
M/Sgt Billie A. Hitt
USAF Retired
Calhoun City
Veteran father would be
stunned by Obama words
My dad was 19 years old when the army captured his stunned expression on an ID card and shipped him off to North Africa to fight for his country.
When the war ended, he got a letter from Maj. William Dale Nix, CAC, commending him and the other members of the 113th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion for their work and sacrifice. In the last paragraph, it reads:
“And now to the future… We have had ample opportunity to compare our United States and our people with the nations and people of Europe and North Africa. This comparison has proved to us that our government ‘by the people,’ with all of its imperfections, has done more for its citizens than that of any nations we have seen, and we have reason to believe this applies as well to all those we have not seen. The policies of this government of ours are supposed to be shaped by public opinion. This can work only if we, the public, express our opinions freely and forcefully and hold our lawmakers responsible for their actions. Indifference on the part of average citizens like the most of us permitted this war to rock the world before many believed it could happen. Indifference on the part of average citizens in the years to come toward the affairs of their country and its relations with the rest of the world could lose for us and our children the peace we now believe we have won.
I cannot believe we as a nation have elected a president who apologizes for this country while he giddily hacks away at our liberties and job opportunities. President Obama said, “There’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.” I believe the failure is in appreciating that we are the country that got Europe out of the clutches of Nazi imperialism. If my dad were alive today, his stunned expression would be caused by what he heard from the White House.
Judy Land

UM women’s coach
thanks team’s fans
A weekend last month was very special for me because we celebrated our annual postseason Ole Miss Rebels team banquet in the south endzone club of the football stadium.
We had an outstanding turnout of Rebel basketball fans looking to show their appreciation for the season we put together. Our baseball team played top-ranked Georgia at the same time as our banquet, but we still had countless loyal supporters take time out of their schedules to spend a few hours with us.
I can’t say enough about how heartwarming it makes us all feel when we know that there are so many devoted and dedicated fans who are truly invested into our program.
This season was so much fun for me because I couldn’t have worked with a better group of women. The year was filled with many ups and downs, but we really made tremendous strides from the beginning of the season to the end. I know there were so many Rebel fans following us all year long and, although it would be virtually impossible to thank each and every one of you, please know that your contributions never go unnoticed. All your efforts play a positive role in the development of our student-athletes. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of your help and support.
We all hope you will continue your support and interest in Ole Miss women’s basketball as we move into next season. We lost one of the best players in the history of our program in Shawn Goff, but we return a core nucleus of players that know what it takes to win in this league. I couldn’t be more excited about what this team could accomplish next season.
Fans cheering and interaction during the game helps us in more ways than you may know, and I intend to put a team on the floor that will give fans tons to cheer about each time they enter the Tad Pad. Fans will always be our sixth player, and fans are teammates we can’t live without.
Hotty Toddy!!
Renee Ladner
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
University of Mississippi

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