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Incompetents govern self-respecting citizens
For months and months I have been reading letters in the forum accusing the Democrats doing this and the Republicans doing that.
Hogwash and garbage, they all are responsible for the mess our country is in.
The way I have it figured is that we have 545 people in Washington that have our best interest at heart. Yeah, right! There are 100 senators, 435 congressmen, nine Supreme Court justices and one president.
These 545 people do not receive Social Security but they do have their own retirement plan that is not available to us ordinary peons who, by the way, pay their atrocious salaries.
Since these “enlightened” people are being paid by the taxpayers of this great country (so far), why can’t we fire all of them for doing such a lousy job taking care of our country and the rights of citizens!
Why is this government that is supposed to be of the people, for the people, and by the people not taking care of its people anymore?
When was the last time a politician asked us what was best for us instead of making policy that is going to ultimately destroy this country just as complete government control has destroyed so many civilizations down through the annals of time?
What makes the politicians think that they are smarter than you and me when their decisions are those of a spoiled, self-centered brat?
Wonder what would happen if taxpayers refused to finance these incompetents? What would happen if these 545 people were put on Social Security instead of their elite retirement plan? Bet they’d find a way to fix it! What really confuses me is the fact that we have 545 idiots looking after the welfare of 300 million people. Now that’s scary!
Glenda McCool

Stop madness within the Obama health grab
Stop the madness already on the health care issue. Our health care system may be flawed, but it is one of the best – if not the best – in the world. This is nothing more than a power grab by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. It’s all about “what can we give you today to make you want to vote for us tomorrow” and nothing more. It is truly sickening!
If you are unsure about where you stand on this issue, ask yourself three questions:
1) Do you know anyone who lives in the U.S. that wants to go to Canada or England or France if they are really sick?
2) Do you really think the government can successfully run a healthcare system? Look at the shape Medicaid and Medicare are in.
3) How in the wide, wide world is this going to be paid for?
We have got to get back to reality soon. Our society is becoming way, way, way too dependent on the government and when that happens, government just gets bigger and bigger. And that my friends is about the most unhealthy thing that I can think of.
Bobby Crosland

Booneville man resents ‘un-American’ labeling
Well, sir, I guess I have found out who I am.
After earning a degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in operations research from Florida Institute of Technology; after spending years as a member of the technical staff at the California Institute of Technology at Cape Kennedy participating in the first soft landings to the moon with the Surveyor project; after a role in sending probes to Mars and Venus and after helping get a soft landing spacecraft to Mars with the Viking spacecraft; after working as an engineer with Bell Telephone Links in the research and development of the first anti-ballistic missile weapons system, Nike Zeus; after spending years in the training and upgrade of the technical workforce in Mississippi; even in the training of the workforce at Toyota, I find out that I am part of the redneck mob who is un-American in the words of Obama and Pelosi.
Not so. I served my country in the Korean War. Two of my brothers served during World War II and uncles in World War I. My great-grandfather served in the Indian Wars of 1836 and 1837, and then again in the Civil War. His son lost his life as a result of the Battle of Fort Donelson. We had great-great-grandfathers and uncles who fought and were wounded in the American Revolution and who settled the frontiers of America. No, sir, I am not at all un-American, but I am beginning to believe that we have some people in Washington who will destroy freedom in this country. And if standing up to exercise my First Amendment right to voice my opposition to the direction Obama is taking this nation is belonging to a redneck mob, then that must be who I am.
Hugh England

Horse beating death was a terrible act
This is to the man who beat his horse with a baseball bat and others like him:
“We have no right to distress any of God’s creatures without a very good reason; we call them dumb animals, and so they are for they cannot tell us how they feel; but they do not suffer less because they have no words,” from “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell
Barbara Presley

Buying ‘green’ auto gives pleasure
I want to tell the world about a unique and pleasurable experience I’ve had for the past two weeks. I went out and purchased an automobile that is a five-passenger, four-door, 3,000-pound vehicle that is getting 47 to 52 MPG. It has more standard features than I will ever use and plenty of acceleration to suit me. Oh! I don’t own any auto company stock and am not working on any sales force or promised anyone that I must write this letter.
I’ve been talking “green” and felt I must put my money where my mouth is.
Hopefully, this letter will trigger someone’s thoughts to take another gas guzzler off the streets and put us just one step closer to eliminating foreign oil, also help stabilize our economy.
We can do this one purchase at a time.
Allen Thomas
Building Blocks appreciates support
A day of Thanksgiving can be any day. With all the doom and gloom news, it is so refreshing to see people around me helping others. Building Blocks is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide low-cost building and home supplies, contribute to a greener earth by reuse, and to help offset student fees at the Learning Skills Center. Student fees at LSC are based on family income. Building Blocks operates entirely on donations. This is my thank you to our donors and customers. Every donor has to make an extra effort to donate. Instead of putting items on the curb for the landfill, they bring it to us. I appreciate every item, from the trash to treasure things, the light fixtures, cabinets, countertops, sinks, doors, to the whole houses we get to go in and salvage.
And I love Building Blocks customers. I meet the most creative people, those who are able to improve their homes and living conditions because our prices are so reasonable, people who believe in our mission of reuse, trash to treasure junkies, people building their own homes, and bargain hunters. You contribute to our mission of helping our students.
To the media and others who are helping promote community awareness of Building Blocks, thank you.
Kayle Lyle
Building Blocks

Pontotoc had fluoride for 43 consecutive years
Please thank Dr. Richard Warriner for defending the use of fluoride in the water supply of Pontotoc.
It was understood that the city board agreed to add fluoride to the water 43 years ago. For the sake of the children of Pontotoc, let us hope someone with influence will speak to the Board of Aldermen in Pontotoc.
Peggy Campbell

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