Letters to the Editor

Christians are free to drink responsibly
This is to all those Christians who like to have a beer, a glass of wine, and also like to worship their Lord Jesus Christ.
I like to think of us as those who picked corn out of their neighbors’ fields on the Sabbath Day because they were hungry, were trying to get our oxen out of the ditch on the Sabbath and walked a little too far on the Sabbath and didn’t count their steps and were told we were “working” and breaking the law.
We are the ones who believe Jesus drank responsibly. And that was the reason He was called a wine bibber and a drunkard. (Falsely so – but if he didn’t drink at all, his contemporaries would have thought his accusers insane by making an obvious unverifiable accusation.) We also believe that to say that wine in Jesus’ day was not fermented is a story that just doesn’t hold water and Jesus made wine at the request of His mother, not grape juice. The Bible would have called it that. (It says when the people were well drunk, normally the bad wine was served last. Otherwise the word drunk holds no meaning)
We also believe that there are those of us who are Christians and drink responsibly, and that it would be extremely rare indeed if that hurt anyone. Otherwise do not let your child go out for football, basketball, or soccer.
It just boils down some people’s zeal being misdirected. Jesus never let His preaching deteriorate to the point of worrying about other people enjoying life and doing good things differently.
Abuse, hate letters, and name calling contradicts Jesus’ life. (And the basic wisdom that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar) Don’t let them restrict your freedom in Christ.
In the South, drink and sin have been married. In the Bible and the rest of the world it’s not necessarily so. Only being drunk.
I can see that teatotalers might think that society could deteriorate if Sunday beer sales are allowed, but I personally don’t think there is any correlation.
Joe Haynes

Verona Fire Dept. can’t afford to be downgraded
I would like to inform the citizens of Verona about a matter that they may not be aware of.
Alderman Julian Riley was voted in after he made promise after promise to do nothing but better Verona. Now that we have put our trust in him, he is trying to tear us down. He is wanting to make drastic changes to the Fire Department. He would like to see the department go down to one man per shift or to even change it over to a volunteer fire department only.
If this happens, the fire protections will drop and for the citizens and businesses of Verona, this will mean a substantial increase in home and business insurance.
I personally have a strong disagreement with what he is trying to do. One man cannot put out a blazing house fire alone and we shouldn’t expect him to.
If Riley gets his way and we lose our fire rating, why would anybody want to move into our community or even bring in a new business that could benefit the City of Verona if they know their homeowners insurance and business insurance is going to be outrageous, and they can go a few miles down the road and their insurance will be significantly cheaper. So as a community we have to stick together to make sure that Julian Riley does not get his way about the fire department.
If you want to stand with me on this, please come to the next board meeting or make a simple phone call to City Hall and be directed to someone who can take care of your concerns.
Tommy Lindsey

Four groups cited as actual ‘death panels’
There are four major groups who have allied to oppose the rescue of our nation from the health crisis.
– The first group is the large number of the public who while promoting the idea of medical care as a “privilege” rather than a “right”, have forsaken the greater truth that providing health care is a “duty.”
– The second group’s members are the Blue Dog Democrats, erroneously accused of straddling the fence. It is not a straddle, they have turned their backs to the efforts of their party.
– The third group is dear in the Blue Dogs affections, the Republican Party. No longer the party of Lincoln; the Republicans have adopted the logic and language of secessions and segregationists.
– The fourth group comes from the business of medicine. Because their profits are endangered, they encircle the legislators with lobbyists and spend millions to hinder the efforts of reform.
The judgment is that there is an established demarcation, the “haves” and the “have-nots”; the judgment is some must suffer unattended, some must go without healing, some must lose all in the efforts to save their families, and some must die.
Mike Murphy

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