Letters to the Editor

Postal consolidation plan would hurt Tupelo service
The Postal Service’s plan to shift mail processing operations from Tupelo to Memphis poses a serious threat to prompt and reliable mail service for the Tupelo area.
Currently Tupelo to Tupelo (or other 388 zip codes) is an overnight delivery. The only way they can get the mail from Tupelo to Tupelo (or other 388 offices) overnight via Memphis would be to change the collection times to much earlier in the day, thus affecting many businesses dropping their mail off for the day. They would no longer be able to mail out at 5 p.m.; it would be around 11 a.m. Gone would be the days of “I’ll run this bill of mine up to Thomas Street before 7:30 p.m. and it will still go out in the truck.” And if you didn’t change the collection times, then you have to change the “service standard” which is 388 to 388 overnight would now be 388 to 388 in several days.
What does this mean for the citizens of Tupelo and surrounding 388 zip codes? Despite USPS assurances to the contrary, mail service will suffer. We could experience delays of several days in the time it takes to send and receive our mail.
The consolidation plan will also hurt Tupelo and the state of Mississippi’s economy. By moving mail processing operations so far away in another state, we will see the loss of up to 50 postal jobs. Small businesses that depend on prompt mail service also will endure hardships.
This plan will have a profound affect on our community, yet the USPS is advancing its proposal without providing any real evidence that operations will be more efficient.
Tupelo’s postal workers have sounded the alarm about the Postal Service’s poorly conceived consolidation plan. But to stop the consolidation we need more citizens and community leaders to make their voices heard. You can start by also contacting your state representatives, congressmen and the postal service itself.
Please write letters expressing your concern over this proposed consolidation and have everyone you know do the same. You can mail them to the following address: Consumer Affairs Manager, P.O. Box 99695, Jackson, MS 39205-9695.
Lyndia Alvarez
Secretary of Tenn-Tom Area
American Postal Workers Union

Sunday beer sales will be a selling point for Tupelo
It is refreshing to finally see someone stand up to the bullying pulpit of the religious zealots that have had a stranglehold on this city for decades, if not longer.
I applaud Whittington, Newell, Davis, and Pitts for their courage and sensibility not to be swayed by misinformation and exaggerations by those who voiced opposition to Sunday beer sales. Until this city is willing to progress with the times that we live in and not stay stuck in some oppressive time warp, Tupelo will continue to miss out on the opportunities that will make this city grow and prosper.
In a region where manufacturing and food service seems to be the majority of employment opportunities, maybe this will be a selling point for major corporations, looking to expand, to consider Tupelo as a location. Hopefully the same progressive thinking will happen when it comes to dealing with the railroad crossing at crosstown in the future.
Raymond Gunn

Editorial citing health care’s moral dimension on target
In regard to the Daily Journal editorial of Oct. 10, thank you so much for putting health care in the “moral humane” area where it belongs.
You have a much better grip on the English language than I.
I have written two or three Forum letters trying to convey the points that you made and now I know I’m not alone in this thinking.
We must have the public option or we will sink even farther into the “almighty dollar rut.”
Those in charge of health care up to now are not going to change. Multi-millionaires are not going to give up this greed.
Allen Thomas

NEMS Daily Journal

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