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What’s humane for real people in the hard times?
As a native Mississippian and a Lee County resident, I make frequent drives back and forth on Gloster Street at Crosstown, and in doing so one can’t help but notice the doggy bone thermometer representing money being raised for an animal shelter, and so I state that I have no problem with what others do with their money.
Choice is what makes this country great.
But what one must ponder in mind is where has our logic, our very sense of humanity, has gone? I love animals , nature etc. Just like the next guy.
But love for an animal is different than that for another human being. The economy has fallen; people across the states have lost their homes, can’t afford to pay their Utility bills, doctor bills, and car payments, etc.
A few months back my brother and I visited a local restaurant to eat, and In front of us was a poorly dressed gentleman. We didn’t think much but heard the conversation take place between him and the lady behind the register. This gentleman was asking for the scraps off the tables. She refused him, so my brother and I stepped in and purchased the man lunch. (This is not a boastful statement.) Humanity – the quality or state of being humane. Hmm, makes one wonder, doesn’t it? Humanity doesn’t start with being a Christian, atheist or any form of belief. It is a natural instinct in humans, but apparently some humans have lost it.
It does come to question in my mind who or how many people in our area work in different occupations donate money for an animal shelter; then, when they see what has been titled as a vagrant, bomb, slob, etc., most just assume it’s choice, and in some cases that could be true.
The economy plummeted, thousands lost their jobs, but is that a choice?
Why not raise money to help people from losing their homes or their very being. Would this, too, be humane? Just a few thoughts. God Bless.
Richard Buckner

Mississippi has no Cao to help the uninsured
Some interesting stats are now available concerning the American Health Reform Act of 2009 that was approved a few days ago.
Only one (1) Republican voted yea for the bill. He is Rep. Cao of Louisiana. Rep. Cao said he “voted his conscience” on behalf of his constituents. Maybe Compassionate Conservatism does exist.
Of the 39 Democrats voting nay on the bill, 24 of them are of the Blue Dog breed. Among these 24 are Mississippi’s Democrat Blue Dogs Travis Childers and Gene Taylor.
According to a chart produced by a national newspaper, the state with the highest percentage of non-elderly uninsured is Oklahoma’s Blue Dog District 2 with 29 percent.
Ranked next in the non-elderly uninsured category are districts in the states of Arkansas 22 percent, Georgia 22 percent and Mississippi 19 percent in Rep. Childer’s District 1 and 22 percent in Rep. Taylor’s District 4.
Both these Mississippi “Blue Dog Democrats” were elected on a Democrat ticket. But they have voted with the Republicans on the greater majority of the legislation, including Health Care Reform. Consequently, they betray their own party regularly and systematically. Health Care Reform is primarily a Democrat initiative which they chose to ignore for their own selfish reasons since Health Care is a lucrative source of donations from insurers to both parties and, yes, Blue Dogs were right in there of late with their greedy hands stretched out. Apparently, all of it, is reason enough to sell one’s soul to the devil.
Blue Dog Taylor has deceived the voters of his district and the Democratic Party for years and will continue to do so until a new candidate comes to the rescue and puts Taylor on the road.
In Blue Dog Childer’s District 1 there will be other candidates and ultimately a new Representative in 2010 – hopefully, one who has an unselfish Progressive ideology and adheres to party loyalty or a real, true Compassionate Conservative like Representative Cao. Unfortunately, for now, Mississippi has no Cao of any political stripe.
Al Bratton

Link Centre supports new computer initiative
Link Centre is pleased to support the Tupelo Public Schools’ new one-to-one computer program by opening our facility to students, teachers, and other district personnel who would like to use our wireless network for Internet access.
Beginning immediately, the Link Media Library will be available during Link Centre’s operating hours, which typically include evening and weekend hours. A more detailed schedule will be posted on our website at and updated on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LinkCentreTupelo.
Melanie Deas
Executive Director
Link Centre

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