Letters to the Editor

Too many still seeking to place blame on Bush
This is in response to an article by Betty McKee on Nov. 22. I can’t understand why so many people still want to blame Bush for the “mess we’re in.” Bush had a Democratic Congress for the last two years. Some of us need to wake up and smell the coffee and quit drinking the Koolaid. Obama has broken promises left and right. It’s not about getting us health care. If that’s the case, why wait until 2014 for it to go into effect? It’s about control and taking away our freedom. When we’re marching around like robots, paying higher taxes, denied medical care and so on, maybe people will wake up. It would be interesting to know how many that have voted for Obama and now have second thoughts. I guess this would be another time “to not count your chickens before they’ve hatched.”
Judy Dunaway

Look at Fox blowhards to find real media bias
The Fox News Channel and its reporters and commentators are up in arms over their lack of access to the members of the Obama administration. They claim that accusations that they are the “anti-Obama network” are an unfair slur on their reputation as a respectable, fair and balanced news organization. OK, prove it. If they are “fair and balanced,” then Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” is a “fair and balanced” look at George W. Bush.
Let’s give Fox the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that on any given day they are only 80 percent anti-Obama. It should be ridiculously easy, then, to provide quotes from Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Gretchen Carlson and their ilk that are complimentary to either Obama personally or to the policies of his administration. After all, if Fox is not totally anti-Obama, there must be something about him that they like. So, provide quotes to prove it.
During the Nixon administration, Vice President Spiro Agnew in a speech written by conservative William Safire, famously called the news media “nattering nabobs of negativism” because of their perceived anti-government bias. I contend that Fox news is itself a “nattering nabob of negativism” for their unrelenting anti-government bias.
Let me tell you what I call “injustice.” The Glenn Becks, Bill O’Reillys and Rush Limbaughs of this world sit in comfortable offices, with staffs at their beck and call, then they go into luxurious studios and run their mouths for an hour or two each day. For this “hard work,” they have legions of devoted followers and “earn” large sums.
The American soldier who puts his life on the line in far off lands to keep us safe; the police who catch murderers and thieves and drug dealers; the firemen who protect our lives and property; the ambulance drivers and EMTs who rush us to the hospital; the school bus drivers that parents trust with the safety of their children – all of these people do more valuable, essential work every day for us than Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and all the conservative mouthpieces of Fox News will do in their entire lives.
Richard Wilkinson

Democrats, Republicans no longer define politics
This letter is in response to the letter about Travis Childers on Nov. 22.
Childers is a Southern Democrat, which is a dying breed. There are no longer Democrats and Republicans. There are liberals and conservatives. The liberals believe in big government and no moral responsibility. The conservatives believe in family values and less government. But the conservatives do not have the grit to clean up their own back yard and fight for this country. Unless someone steps up to the plate and takes leadership, we are going to lose it all.
Martha Caldwell
Hobo Station
Prentiss County

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