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Oxford ignores controls of the Bush 43 terms
In his community column of June 28, John Oxford bemoans the expansion of government and its broad-reaching control. How strange he could do this and not mention the biggest sustained expansion of government in his lifetime – the Bush/Republican government of 2000-2006.
Government spending increased rapidly, and a large surplus quickly turned into a record-breaking deficit. Tax receipts were deftly transferred to a handful of private corporations, who profiteered. The income disparity between the rich and the poor continued to expand, and the middle class continued to fall behind.
Indeed, government became so intrusive as to have actually copied and listened to our e-mails and phone calls. Information was withheld on a massive scale, and court orders and subpoenas were routinely ignored. How much more controlling could a government be?
Oxford fears that President Obama has no antagonist to check him. Who was the check on George W. Bush? Trent Lott? Antonin Scalia? Maybe that dreaded pretzel?
Commentators express dismay at what they see as undue adulation and deference for Barack Obama, but some of us remember how Bush 43 was mythologized during his terms. John Oxford seems to have ideological blinders on his view of history. Or maybe his column was meant to have been published ten years ago.
Tony Eldridge

Right-to-repair group supports consumer bill
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation strongly supports the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act (HR 2057) and urges Congress to swiftly pass the legislation in order to safeguard individual vehicle ownership rights today and in the future.
We believe that consumers are entitled to the right to choose how their motorcycle, car or other type of vehicle is maintained or upgraded. The point of Right to Repair is to protect the freedom of American consumers to choose how they take care of their vehicles, be it in their driveway or at a trusted repair facility, and to ensure that they have access to all the information required to complete service and repairs.
Vehicles, including motorcycles, are becoming increasingly complex with the addition of more and more computer technology, and that is only going to increase in the future. Ready access to accurate service and repair information from the manufacturers is essential to the safety and well being of the entire American motoring public.
We encourage all motorists to visit www.righttorepair.org to send a letter to each of their congressional representatives, urging them to support the Right to Repair Act by adding their names to the growing list of co-sponsors.
Jeff Hennie
Vice President of Government Relations
Motorcycle Riders Foundation

Dunaway’s letter became unnecessarily personal
I am writing in regard to Judy Dunaway’s letter about Bill Williams as mayor of Saltillo.
Let me say I know nothing about Williams’ job as mayor since I do not live in Saltillo and would not presume to comment on that. However, when she said the best man was not elected, she made it personal, and I can comment on Williams and his family being caring people.
I graduated with Bill’s dad and his aunt Betty Anne and I know that Billy and Betty were Christian and caring people. I can even tell you about his grandmother, Mattie Lee Williams being good and caring, so, you see, Paul Turner and his family are not the only good people.
As I said I would not presume to comment on their qualifications to be mayor, I can tell you Bill and his family or second to none in caring for people that may no be as fortunate as they.
Jane Barnett

Democrats reigned as biggest problems rose
This letter is in response to Richard Wilkinson’s letter of June 21. Indeed, the Republicans controlled Congress for 12 years and controlled the White House for eight of those years. The Democrats’ control of Congress began on Nov. 7, 2006, and continues to date. Approximately the last 26 months of President Bush’s administration was under Democratic control.
Let’s take a journey back to see where we were on Nov. 6, 2006:
1. Unemployment was at 4.4 percent. Largest number of people working in the U.S. ever. Talks were soaring about a “guest worker” program as thousands and thousands of people were coming (mostly illegal – both parties share blame here) to the U.S. to work.
2. Dow was at mid-12,000.
3. Crude oil was at mid-$50’s per barrel.
Sorry to disappoint Wilkinson, but the economic collapse that he asserts to have come on the Republican “watch” actually came during the Democratic “reign.” Let’s take a look at what has happened during the approximately 32 months of Democratic congressional control and including five months of President Obama:
1. Unemployment is at 9.4 percent. Much more than double. Most unemployment in almost 30 years!
2. Dow struggling to stay above 8,000.
3. Crude oil is around $69 per barrel, but as you may recall, last year crude oil climbed to $147 per barrel. This caused severe hardships on both employers and employees, this tremendous rise in costs was not due to supply and demand, but to speculators! The Democratic Congress did nothing! What could they have done? Started the concept of “Drill Here, Drill Now.” This plan would have driven down the crude prices.
I think that most Americans disagree with “bailouts” including the first one by President Bush and passed by the Democratic Congress. Perhaps Chapter 11 bankruptcy (like the airlines) in order to restructure would be better suited for Americans.
Max Munn Tupelo

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