Letters to the Editor

The way things work out sometimes makes no sense
It was reported in the Dec. 12 issue of the Daily Journal that a New York district U.S. judge issued an injunction against the U.S. government saying it is unconstitutional for Congress to cut off funding to ACORN.
It was Congress that awarded the funding to start with, and now an individual, even though a judge, can tell our Congress they cannot cancel funding to an organization that is under several state and federal investigations.
How about the three Navy Seals who are facing court martial for allegedly striking a terrorist who had killed four U.S. soldiers? The only known evidence is the word of the terrorist. Then, there are the two Border Patrol agents who served prison terms for shooting a drug smuggler who was trying to escape back across the border.
And let us not forget the turmoil the Tupelo Airport Authority has caused. Evidently, they have absolute power, even though the Tupelo City Council had to approve each appointment. I understand Terry Anderson was fired not because he wasn’t doing his job, but because some board members “lost confidence” in him. If Anderson files and wins a lawsuit, who should be liable – the authority board members or the city?
How do you explain injustices like this? I can only think that it is an abuse of power or a total lack of common sense.
Earnest “Dee” Streit

Obama’s ‘spirit of citizenship’concern
I would like to comment on the article by Galen Holley in the Dec. 5 Journal. This concerned his views of Christians participating in the “birther” movement. I do not disagree with the fact that some people are too stubborn to accept views different than what they have decided to believe, but this is not unique to conservative Christians. Seems like the pot calling the kettle black, actually.
I believe, however, that there are two higher levels of concern, which are of much more importance.
The first is that Obama’s technical citizenship is of much less concern than his “spirit of citizenship.” A nation’s leader should demonstrate his leadership by action, including pride in his country, defense of its values, and praise of its accomplishments. These have not been demonstrated by our president. This is the major problem for most who have issue with his qualifications. His actions have actually been the opposite. We are in the process of losing our country as it was founded, because of his policies and attitude toward our heritage, not to mention the bankrupting of our economy.
The second issue is an even higher concern. I used to wonder how America could become irrelevant on the world stage, but now I see how we are doing just that. I am sure that this is primarily a concern of fundamentalist Christians. However, it is most important for every person to make sure that they are a citizen of Heaven, by acceptance of Jesus’s offer of salvation. Earthly governments cannot offer eternal security, and sometimes can’t even offer earthly security. We are certainly not living in the same world or country which we grew up in, and it is changing by the minute.
Sammy Peach

NEMS Daily Journal

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