Letters to the Editor

Starkville sets July 4dedication celebration
Due to a group of dedicated citizens, the Sportsplex in Starkville will be dedicating a Freedom Shrine to help remind citizens that the freedoms we enjoy today are a gift from the past and must be continually guarded and protected.
The Freedom Shrine is a collection of photographic reproductions of 30 original documents from American history. Some documents that are on display include the Bill of Rights, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech and the U.S. Constitution.
We would like to extend an invitation for you to attend a short dedication service on July 4 from 5 to 5:30 p.m. in the lobby of the multi-purpose building at the Sportsplex at 405 Lynn Lane. For more information, please feel free to call Matthew Rye at (662) 323-2294.
Matthew Rye
Starkville Park Commission

Childers deserves asecond full House term
Regarding the letter from Mr. Chapman on June 14 concerning Congressman Travis Childers. I believe, as do many others, Congressman Childers is an independent voice for north Mississippi. He puts north Mississippi first and his vote reflects this. Not all Democrats rubber stamp every decision made by President Obama as I am sure not all Republicans agreed with Bush 100 percent of the time.
During the health care reform, Congressman Childers was an opponent of any provisions that provided federal funding for abortion as reflects the view of most North Mississippi.
He voted against cap and trade legislation because of the burden it would put on Mississippi families and farmers. He has voted against a number of spending bills as well as voting against increasing the national debt limit.
Congressman Childers is, as Mr. Chapman’s letter stated, a good family man, successful businessman, well liked with roots in this area. He went to Washington to make things better for the people of North Mississippi. He has reached across party lines and worked with members from both sides to get things done for the 1st District.
I believe he has kept his campaign promises and deserves to keep his position as a strong voice for North Mississippi.
Kenneth Oswalt

Tagless utility trailersabound in Lee County
I am 100 percent in agreement with the June 6 article written by Jim Miller of Saltillo. There are many utility trailers, as well as travel trailers of all types, and vehicles without tags and ineffective lights in Lee County.
I have been in Tupelo since 1973. During that time I have bought many tags. I have had a travel trailer or fifth wheel the entire time I have lived here. This year a tag for the fifth wheel was over $800. That does not count what the boat trailer and vehicle tags cost me this year.
It is not fair I have had to spend money on tags for trailers for the past 37 years I have lived here when so many others never buy tags. Trailers of all types are on the road all over town with no tags and sometimes no lights to tell if they are stopping or turning.
If everyone is not required to buy a tag for trailers, then I don’t feel like I should have to either. This is a problem that needs correcting for all types of trailers. All or none!
Betty Gory

Okolona man thanksthose who saved his life
I am somewhat unclear as to who to address this to in that I do not know your names. I only remember your faces. I feel it most appropriate to write this letter of the most sincere nature since it is the only way I know how to properly thank you and also express my feelings of gratitude as a result of this life threatening experience.
May 30 is supposed to be a red letter day. However, this recent May 30 being my birthday did not turn out to be a normal birthday. I had plans for lunch in Columbus at approximately 1 p.m. As many of you know I now reside in Okolona. I had left and embarked on my drive to Columbus and was driving this time in an extremely careful, safe and proper manner when all of a sudden I ran off the road and totaled my car. I try to get my wits together and I realize I am still alive and I am trying to assess the situation as best I can as I am conscious. I look around and the car is completely turned over and I am on the floor of the roof with the seat sticking below me. I quickly realize I cannot get out and I am not seriously injured at that point since I am not in terrible pain.
At least two or three Good Samaritans did stop. I today know at least one was a nice lady and there were two others who were men. I do not remember their names. I just remember they were kind, gentle and caring people who had the decency to stop to see what had happened.
So I write this letter for two points: These folks helped save my life.
I also write this letter with a renewed awareness of the frailty of human life and the fact that life can be taken away from you on a moment’s notice without your control. This incident has reminded me of the divine intervention of God and strengthened my faith in God with the faith that God must have some additional work left for me to perform.
Gene Barton

Stop profiteering workfor American Yankees
FOX military analyst Lt. Col. Guinness was asked (yesterday, Wednesday, 6/16) on a Christian radio program about allowing U.S. troops to help protect our Gulf shores from oil.
His reply? Oh, goodness, the U.S. military can’t spare any troops from Afghanistan or Iraq or any of the hundreds of other countries which enjoy priority over the American South.
Hear that? The South provides most of our cannon fodder but the continental SE/SW rates no “border protection.”
The same program cited studies that said the U.S. itself has 300-years’ worth of oil reserves. If so, why are we in the Middle East at all? When will we ever learn to stop doing the war-profiteering dirty work for the Yankees, especially after they came here and treated our ancestors as “insurgents” for defending themselves from outsiders (as the Middle-Easterners are doing)?
If we are to bomb every terrorist training site we should have started with the flight-training school in Florida. Tea-partiers: Check out LewRockwell.com. It puts America first.
Bob Craig

NEMS Daily Journal

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