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Consider bicycle tags
for relational benefits
Lately one of the hottest topics being discussed is trailer tags – who is and who isn’t required to purchase. This will be debated by agriculturists and people who are trailer owners.
Moving along to the next debate. Should bicycles be required to be tagged? Cars, trucks, cycles and now possibly trailers all pay fee-road taxes to use our streets. We know there has been a concerted effort and sizable sum of time and money spent to accommodate bicyclists – paths, paint, labor, meetings, etc.
Rather than negative comments about this subject I wish to extend some prior knowledge on the matter. I will refer to the 1940s and 1950s when I was a kid bike owner.
My town set up a bicycle registration program. For a dollar or so we had a safety inspection and a short “rules of the road class,” and, of course, we had our own green and white tag installed. As kids it made us feel like Dad and his car – good.
What the town received in turn – the local police ran the program a day or two a week – was that it made a couple of bucks, but most of all we got to know the police, and a lot of respect and cooperation was learned by the young ones toward the police.
As a sideline to the program, a number of “missing” bikes were recovered and returned to their owners, no questions asked.
Look at the bright side of this – we may all benefit.
Don Feid

Zora Cousin denies
making board demand
This letter is in reference to a statement made in the Chickasaw Journal on June 16, 2010.
I, Zora B. Cousin, did not demand that the Houston School Board name the Houston Middle School the Warren G. Cousin Middle School. I addressed the board because I have not received a satisfactory answer concerning the stated matter after addressing the board several times. Therefore, I requested a written reply from the board.
Also, I submitted to the board approximately 100 letters signed by former students and teachers of the former Chickasaw County High School in Houston. The letters are in favor of naming the HMS the Warren G. Cousin Middle School.
Zora B. Cousin

Questions raised related
to Medicare drug costs
I would like to pose a question to Rep. Childers and Sen. Nunnelee. While many of our citizens cannot afford the health care that Mr. Childers receives, and Mr. Nunnelee would get, if he is the victor, courtesy of the taxpayers for life, tell me what you will do to address Medicare Part D, where our elected officials chose not to negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry?
According to the New England Journal of Medicine, pharmaceuticals are charging Medicare 80 percent more than they do other plans. Some estimates put this at a $30 billion ripoff.
I want to know what will be their plans if re-elected/elected? And furthermore, why is it my patriotic duty to cut the pharmaceutical industry a blank check, often times at the expense of those the politicians seek to serve?
I will look for the candidates’ replies as I am sure other constituents are eager for answers, too. Please refer to this link.
Thank you in advance.
Paul R. Bouchillon

Minor reminded reader
why he likes Sen. Wicker
It is no secret that columnist Bill Minor despises all things Republican, but in my opinion his latest outburst against Roger Wicker actually did the senator a favor.
Minor pointed out what a strong supporter of public education Wicker was in the Legislature and what a steady opponent of the Obama administration’s tax and debt policies Wicker is in Congress.
In so doing, Minor reminded me of why I have always liked Roger Wicker.
Thanks, Bill!
Luke McAlpin
Brandon (formerly Tupelo)

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