Lampley looks foolish in aftermath of incident
I’m afraid Danny Lampley was trying to prove some sort of point, but he ended up looking like a fool.
He needs to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or better yet either stay at home or arrive in the courtroom after the other Americans pledge their allegiance to our nation.
Of course he’s sworn under oath (under the oath of God) to fulfill his job under the federal and state constitutions. I know that the State of Mississippi has a preamble to its constitution which mentions God. He’s sworn to uphold all of those documents.
The entire matter got him a lot of publicity, which was bad.
Dee Wampler
Springfield, Mo.

Alan Nunnelee best
represents values
Did you visit the replica of the Vietnam Veterans’ Wall in Corinth recently? If so, you were reminded of the heroism of American soldiers, of the intrinsic value of human life, and of the tragedy of the loss of over 58,000 brave soldiers.
As Nov. 2 nears, all people of good will must rededicate ourselves to the protection of human life. Every day 4,000 preborn boys and girls are killed by abortion in America. So, every two weeks the same number of children are killed as soldiers in Vietnam.
Tragically, if names of all aborted American babies were placed on a similar wall, it would stretch ninety miles, about Corinth to Memphis. Sen. Alan Nunnelee, candidate for U.S. Congress, is pro-life and works hard for legislation which protects babies and their mommies.
The leading pro-life organization in Mississippi, Pro-Life Mississippi, mailed candidates a questionnaire. Nunnelee answered all questions in a pro-life manner. Unfortunately, Congressman Childers did not even respond to the questionnaire.
Thanks to Nunnelee, we have a candidate who will represent with honor all citizens, including innocent children. His love of freedom, respect for the Constitution, his concern about fiscal responsibility, and his respect for family values are some of the reasons for our support on Nov. 2.
We all work and pray for a better America. Nunnelee will work to achieve this.
See you at the polls.
Susan Seale

Reason behind refusing pledge of allegiance?
In the recent case involving attorney Danny Lampley and Chancellor Talmadge Littlejohn regarding Mr. Lampley’s refusal to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, no one denies that Mr. Lampley had every legal right to refuse. The issues this writer would like to resolve are ones concerning the moral issues. Any effort by Mr. Lampley to explain the moral issues he has with the pledge would be helpful as we are being inundated by many cases all across America of this nature.
To this writer and to many others all across America, why any American citizen would not consider it an honor to recite the Pledge of Allegiance is unexplainable. Any rationale for refusing to recite the pledge should be forthcoming, especially as Mr. Lampley is an officer of the court.
Donald W. Starling

Candidates chastised
for their mud-slinging
I’ve never been good at math, but I do understand that “X” is an unknown quantity or fact. I’m trying hard to determine the mindset of so many people during this election year, but the “X” escapes me. Now in a time when money is short, we’re listening to the tremendous amounts political parties are spending on mud to throw at each other. Aren’t these people supposed to support cleaning up our situation, not muddying it up?
And we hear “Obama’s war” and the financial mess Obama has gotten us into. Huh? Just when did the war in Iraq and our financial woes begin?
And about the taxes issue. Where does money for roads, police forces, fire departments and schools come from? Taxes, of course. Yes, we the people pay taxes. Few of us can afford to hire experts to hide our income or to evade paying taxes. But we all like to have these services.
I use water carefully, watch my electric use – and I pay my taxes cheerfully. True, I can’t always find “X,” but in 82 years I’ve never gotten anything except God’s blessings for free.
So, please, you who want to represent “the people of the U.S.,” stop the mud slinging and tell us your plans to help us survive in this swamp.
United, we can climb out of the mud. Who knows, we just might find “X”!
Opal Vickers

Skunk smell suggests
a change in 1st District
Many times I have heard someone say, “I don’t vote party, I vote for the person.” I firmly believe Nov. 2 is the time to vote for the party that will bring us out of this insane policies of the Obama administration.
President Obama says the Republicans drove us into a ditch. He fails to mention that the Democrats had the majority for the last two years of Bush’s term and were driving the car. I don’t believe the Nov. 2 election is all about Obama care. Ones that are in favor because of it (Obama care) are not looking at the overall picture. Heaven knows the mainstream media is not telling us/you anything. His administration is jumping ship to avoid being in this administration when all blows up.
And, no, I don’t have good health care. I have United Healthcare aka AARP. If I had somewhere else to go, I would. Pricewise is a factor as to why I’m still there.
Will the Dems bring us out of this or Republicans? I say the latter.
I have always heard if it smells like a skunk, it probably is a skunk. Same applies here. Wake up. Vote Nov. 2. As of right now, we have the right.
Judy Dunaway

Mascot vote denies choice of most Ole Miss fans
In my 33 years on this earth, I have noticed one thing that, quite frankly, I am sick and tired of. That is the minority speaking for the majority. In my lifetime, I have seen God and prayer taken out of public schools because a select few didn’t want it.
It seems we have let the minority take away everything that means anything to us Rebel fans. College football is all about tradition. The Rebel tradition is being taken away piece by piece. I remember as a kid my dad taking me and my brother to Ole Miss football games. I got to wave my little “Rebel” flag, as we called them. Then we had to switch to an “M” flag, but shortly after that they said “no sticks.” Was that ever voted on?
Then years later our beloved Colonel was taken off the field and recently our song has been abolished. If you have never witnessed “From Dixie With Love” played at a football game, then you probably are not going to understand what all the fuss is about. To look across 50,000 people and see blue and red pom-poms moving back and forth in perfect rhythm will bring a chill to anyone. Was stripping of our anthem ever voted on?
Recently we the majority have now been asked to vote on a mascot. Why should we be made to settle? Where was the vote to remove the mascot we all want anyway?
Apparently the “majority rules” does not apply to the University of Mississippi, but then again, I guess it does not apply to much of anything anymore, does it?
Nic Nichols

Will MSU’s ‘Bully’ be next among banned mascots?
The University of Mississippi, to its horror, discovered that the university has a historic connection to the Confederacy and the “War for Southern Independence.”
The liberal administration and faculty could not abide this onerous onus and banned the Confederate battle flag, “Dixie,” the uniformed Confederate colonel and compounded their delusion by concluding that Colonel Reb was a racist “plantation symbol.”
What is the goal of the university? If the desire is to become the “Harvard of the South,” a deep breath and clear thinking is critical. Have you not listened to these Harvard “loons” and their radical plans for the demise of the America that we love? Where are the alumni and conservative voices of reason in this atrocious debacle attacking anything Confederate? If you taught that the “Wauh” was only about slavery, I refer you to the research of Prof. Donald Livingston, Ph.D., Emory University, at www.abbevilleinstitute.org.
The list of suggested mascots was, at best, not impressive and at worst a study in political inanity. Just what is a “Landshark’? Naaaw! How, pray tell, would you portray a “Hotty Toddy”? Is a mounted Confederate cavalryman deemed a “racist symbol”? Don’t sneer, FSU has a mounted Seminole armed with a spear. Has he a “spear permit”? Don’t the “ban the spears” loons object?
It does appear that the character of college athletes has deteriorated alarmingly in recent years with “athletic scholarships” awarded to trash-talking ruffians who don’t seem to appreciate their God-given ability, or place much value on scholarships, local laws and/or team rules. Ole Miss had the best on-field mascot ever in Colonel Reb. In talking with Ole Miss alumni and students, “they ain’t happy” about this insanity and are quite embarrassed over it. What’s next?
Well, the Mississippi State folks still have their bulldog. It’s better than a previous nickname, “Maroons,” and praise be, cowbells have now been sanctioned by none other than the good ole SEC, if clanged “responsibly.” Alas, I fear the liberal left wing nuts of the SPCA/PETA will demand that “Bully” be set free! We shall see.
David C. Horn

NEMS Daily Journal

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