Editorial reflected Journal’s ‘socialist hogwash’ positions
I expected your endorsement to go to Mr. Childers. This statement continues to reflect just how out of touch you people are with your readers. This position extends your liberalism that we are fed as readers every day with the editorial writer you employ to keep the socialist hogwash coming to the public.
It is quite obvious that the staff writers are required to slant their views to the far left – people like Bill Minor, Rheta Grimsley and Leonard Pitts of Miami need to send their garbage to The New York Times or some such rag paper.
I am sure that if you took an honest poll, you would find that 75 percent of your readers and advertisers are conservative people. We cannot survive with a continued dose of Obamanisim along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
Surely you know that Mr. Childers would not even conduct a meeting with the voters on health care. He did not take a position on this subject until the Democrats no longer needed his vote to get it passed through the back door scheme the Democrats used.
When slick Willie Clinton showed up, I knew that Mr. Nunnelee would win the election and your position with Mr. Childers was shot to hell. You people need to wake up and get down from your smarter than thou stance.
With your continued loss of revenue, you need to tune in with the man upstairs and the Tea Party.
Lynwood N. Wright

Childers votes saved jobs across the district
I can’t help but make a comment about the ad I saw on WTVA against Travis Childers. The ad was sponsored by the Republican National Congressional Committee. In it, Childers is “accused” of doing what? Voting 81 percent of the time with “Nancy Pelosi” and voting for the “failed” stimulus package. To both of these “accusations” I say: That is what he should have done.
Nancy Pelosi is not an evil witch. With her leadership in the House, we have avoided disaster. Even before the Stimulus Bill, Pelosi was a strong supporter of fair wages and helped pass legislation raising the minimum wage.
On Oct. 8, 2008, the Bush administration “bailed out” all the failed banks and investment houses that were making millions at the expense of you and me. We paid our mortgages while they doctored their books and spent our money in lavish ways.
The day after the vote this summer on bank regulation, Childers explained his position against the final version of the bill which was going to use $11 billion in TARP money to once again bail out the banks: (on his website,)…“Regulatory reform legislation had the potential to effectively hold big banks accountable for their irresponsible decision making and ensure that hard-working North Mississippians never again have to bear the burden of Wall Street’s recklessness.”
Childers is a Democrat (OMG, has that also become a bad thing?) Traditionally, at least here in Mississippi, Democrats have represented justice for all, rich and poor, black and white. Now, because Childers voted to keep the country afloat, he gets punched in the face by some in the Republican Party.
Without his vote on the stimulus, thousands of Americans (including many public school teachers) would have lost their jobs. From Itawamba to Desoto counties, over a thousand jobs were created. Check out the website: stimulus.ms.gov.
Have we come to the point where we vote against what we know is good because someone tells us it is bad?
I am in love with this state. I would rather have Travis Childers as my representative than anyone that would have voted differently on that bill.
Milly Moorhead West

Nunnelee’s ‘my’ choice on all of the positions
In response to the Daily Journal’s official endorsement of Rep. Childers, I’d appreciate the opportunity to present three important points that thoughtful voters must consider.
First, yes, Mr. Childers has done a good job of focusing federal money in selected areas to maximize his chances of re-election. That’s politics as usual, but the fact is it’s borrowed money! That means a vote for Mr. Childers and a Democratic Congress is a vote to avoid pain now and kick that pain down the road to our children and grandchildren. That’s immature, selfish, and un-American. Nunnelee is a better choice.
Second, regardless of how “moderate” Mr. Childers claims to be, he has not been, will not be, and indeed cannot be an effective voice for conservative values in Congress. He feeds at the trough that’s replenished by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So he must ultimately go along to get along. Waiting until the last minute to announce his position on important issues, failing to influence the debate on important conservative issues, and voting for a hate speech law that gives special rights to sexual deviants all points to a congressman more concerned with politics than principles. Nunnelee is a better choice.
Third, those who really believe that America’s prosperity comes as a blessing from God, recognize that our fiscal problems are just repercussions of America’s spiritual rebellion. The Bible provides ample testimony that God will destroy any nation that provides child sacrifice, sodomy or idolatry. This administration seems intent on promoting false gods, celebrating homosexuality, and expanding abortion. A vote for Mr. Childers helps keep those people in power. Nunnelee is a much better choice.
Dan L. Bishop

NEMS Daily Journal

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