Letters to the Editor

By NEMS Daily Journal

Better rules for animals than bicyclists on roads
Ha, at last, I now understand a little better the rules of the road in Mississippi. Apparently I can drive as fast or recklessly as I wish and it will never be more than a misdemeanor. It doesn’t matter if I use common sense, drive too close or pay the highest attention to bicyclists or pedestrians. All I have to do is:
1. Not be drunk.
2. Don’t leave after hitting someone.
3. Don’t do it on purpose or at least don’t get caught doing it on purpose.
Just two questions:
1. Is there a bag limit in Mississippi?
2. Can I use my spotlight?
It appears to me that we have better rules protecting deer, turkey and bass than we do for people walking or riding bicycles on our roads.
I had thought about purchasing a bicycle but not now. At least not until the hunting season closes.
James H. Crabb

Hewes, like Barbour, proven as stalwart leader
Mississippi has enjoyed remarkable, unshakable leadership from Gov. Haley Barbour; no matter what storm our state faced, from Katrina to the recession, our governor was there as a steady hand and a convicting voice. But Governor Barbour did not lead alone; along the way, Haley relied on key legislative figures to achieve critical accomplishments and to prevent unwise legislative actions, such as increasing taxes and busting the budget.
Senate Pro Tempore Billy Hewes was one of those conservative pillars for our state not only during the Barbour era but during the Kirk Fordice years, when such conservative leadership was in shorter supply.
Now as a candidate for lieutenant governor, Billy Hewes still retains the charisma, ideals and optimism of the impressive young state senator I first met in 1994, but with nearly twenty successful years in the state legislature, the 2011 Billy Hewes possesses not only an uncommon level of wisdom and backbone, but a common touch that enables him to achieve legislative consensus even on the toughest of issues.
In these times of economic uncertainty for Mississippi, should not Mississippi have a lieutenant governor who has the experience and ideals necessary to make the tough call at the State Capitol, all the while approaching each decision humbly and prayerfully? In these times of growth opportunities for our state, should we not have a leader who delivers more than mere rhetoric, but results, for our people? I believe Mississippians can best answer those questions affirmatively by electing Billy Hewes our next lieutenant governor.
Brad Prewitt

AFA: Christians who practice faith and love
Bob Ray Sanders’ June 18 column said, “Folks have the right to believe whatever they want.” I guess people who don’t agree with some columnists are lucky to be free. We can have speech without fear, persecution or death.
It seems to me the American Family Association are Christians who practice faith, hope and love. And having free speech, I can’t understand Sanders’ bias against the AFA.
I don’t know of any “publicly denouncing Muslims, Jews, blacks, gays, and those who support a woman’s right to choose” abortion by the AFA. And Sanders gave no examples. And I don’t believe him at all. Second, I have that right to decide for myself, thanks to the U.S. Constitution.
Tim Holland

Lisa Shannon defends her son, Jay Shannon
As stated in an article on June 23, “Residents will have to wait a month to find out if Center City Market will expand into what they consider their neighborhood.” And further states, following a heated public hearing Tuesday night, seems it is always a “heated hearing” if it has anything to do with developer Jay Shannon.
I have watched this man, my son, since 1995, when he first had a dream to build Dogwood Plantation Assisted Living in Saltillo, fighting the city’s governing body on every turn.
Jay Shannon also had a dream of Saltillo becoming the choice location in the future for fine family living. Even way back then, there was always a wrinkle as our new Mayor Bill Williams calls it – something to cost Jay more money and delay the completion of any and all projects from that day to the present time.
But as Jay was raised and always lived out, he never gave up, always doing whatever was demanded by the mayor and the aldermen, regardless of causing more delays and added expense for Jay. From the beginning any and every undertaking was always met with resistance. The Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store, one of the nicest in the state, was delayed with rules and changes and again complaints from a few choice people, not only making a financial hardship for Jay but also for the many people that were waiting on jobs there.
Jay never stopped trying until there was no option but to close that awesome grocery market.
Had it not been for the dreams for Saltillo that Jay Shannon once had, Saltillo would still be a crossroads on the way to Tupelo, with only pastures, cows, swampland and a couple of stop signs.
I would like to ask, where are the positive comments of the many wonderful residents of Saltillo that enjoy the convenient shopping and amenities of Town Creek and Center City on Jay Shannon’s behalf from business owners and customers alike?
It is time for someone to stand up for Jay Shannon and stand up for what is right, and no one better than a mother to do it when no one else will.
Lisa Shannon

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