Letters to the Editor August 11, 2013

Shame seen in mall episode of women breast feeding
Whatever happened to shame and dignity? When I read in the Journal that the mall manager had apologized to a group of nursing mothers who chose to go out in public to nurse their babies, I thought of my mom and what a private thing that was to her.

I wondered, what is next? Will we have people who want to go to the mall to have sex and will we just accept that as being OK? You might think I am in left field with this thought but did you ever think women would be going to the mall for the purpose of nursing their babies? I sure did not.

I just didn’t get the purpose. I was embarrassed that it was done. I was embarrassed that the mall manager felt the need to apologize. I believe when those babies grow up and hear about it they will be embarrassed, too.
Nadine Ball

Oxford school honoree further praised for work
I am writing in response to the July 23 article regarding Oxford School District’s Citizen of the Year. I would also like to commend Mr. Dunbar on this accomplishment as well as his compassion and desire to make a difference.

Mr. Dunbar recognizes that a child with uncorrected vision has a difficult time learning and excelling in school. Good vision is vitally important to a strong education and with the majority of learning coming from your eyes, it’s obvious that there is no substitute for a comprehensive eye exam for the pre-kindergarten through first grade age.

As an optometrist, I see first hand the results of undetected eye problems that if caught early, would have been treatable but now are uncorrectable. Not to mention what the individual has had to overcome just to learn. I also get to experience the joy of helping a child read without squinting and helping them achieve clear vision. I applaud Dunbar’s “vision” for these students who will now be able to see clearly and learn due to his commitment.
Eric D. Randle, O.D.
Mississippi Optometric Association, president

Obama’s a fake who’s costing nation plenty
How long will it take the American people to realize what a fake president we have?

Five years into his presidency he has done nothing but force on us an expensive and useless health care bill that is sure to break this country. How can anyone still believe in a man who stands behind an American flag and blatantly lies to them almost daily?

The president recently said he had added 7.3 million new jobs after he took office. Where are they – in government?

The president recently called the scandals that are going on in Washington “phony” scandals.

I’m sorry, but I don’t consider the death of four Americans in Libya phony.

I don’t believe the IRS and the NSA prying into my private life is phony.

I don’t think the Attorney General of the United States, caught lying and being held in contempt of Congress, is something to be taken lightly.

And I certainly believe it is not in our best interest to supply weapons to Mexican drug lords and rogue Muslim countries to be most certainly turned and used on us.

Unless the core of the American people stand up and be heard soon, this nation is history.

A country’s leadership is only a reflection of the morality of its people.

Tim Bonds

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  • ultracreep

    I find it appalling that a woman would actually feel embarrassed about women FEEDING THEIR CHILDREN in the way nature intended. How in the world can you equate breastfeeding in public (which need not show any nudity at all) to having sex in the mall. Grow up, please.

    • Americasgone

      Nature intended for me to take a piss too. Should do that in public?

      • the_rocket

        Nature intended for you to be culled from the herd before reproduction, but that hasn’t happened, either.

  • 1941641

    Nadine B.
    The name reminds me of a popular song back in the 50s: Nadine, Won’t You Be True, Oh, Nadine….You done started back doing the things you use to do…


    Mr Bond: Obama certainly isn’t without fault but he’s done his best to lead from the Center dispite the most derisive, devisive opposition since Lincoln. Half the things you’ve brought up were continuations of initiatives started in the Bush administration or before. Obamacare actually changed drastically from it’s original plan for the most part to compromise and include initiatives pushed from Republican think-tanks. It is terribly difficult to assertain the truth from all the spin coming from the left and especially the right in ‘so-called’ media news – – it’s hardly even news reporting anymore – it’s all political propaganda – but it is possible to do so if you take the time to listen and read from many sources with an open mind.

  • 1941641

    Tim Bonds:?

    “The president recently said he had added 7.3 million new jobs after he took office. Where are they – in government?”

    Don’t people in government need jobs too? The real question is: how many jobs have the Repubs created,or have they just been too busy for that with their ongoing War on Women?

  • Jack Makokov

    I would probably be healthy and educational for Mr. Bonds to step outside that RW echo chamber that caused him to write such idiocy? What makes the current President “fake” compared to the other 43? Can’t imagine what that could be. It would appear that the examples you cite are a product of phony concern trolling.

    And as for “embarrassed” Nadine: women breastfeeding babies in a place like a mall is pefectly legal under our state laws. Having sex in the mall isn’t.