Letters to the Editor August 18, 2013

Southern Heights suffersfrom lack of enforcement
I would like to nominate the Southern Heights Neighborhood to be the next recipient for the redevelopment process.

It will be more than ready for the attention by the time West Jackson is nearly finished and for the same reasons, lack of code enforcement. There are trash bins that have not left the curb in years, cars parked in yards daily, some residents have even dumped gravel in the yard to make a “parking area” despite code calling for pavement (concrete or asphalt). A drive through the neighborhood will find unkempt yards, overgrown lots, unpainted and/or rotten or missing fascia boards, gutters falling off of houses that could not pass a visual rental inspection but are apparently acceptable for the owners. A house was torn down on the southernmost section of Green Street last year and still has an open crawl space/basement with no barriers or warning tape.

Everything that the Journal brought out in the multi-week articles on City Code Enforcement can be found in the Southern Heights neighborhood. I have called Code Enforcement, the Planning Department. and even the former Mayor’s Office; nothing has changed. So, I would like to be the first to nominate the next area for redevelopment.

Mike Reinert

Participation sought in walk against Alzheimer’s disease
I am wrIting to ask everyone to consider joining the 2013 Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Tupelo on Saturday, Sept. 28 at the Ballard Park Pavilion. The link below will send you to the walk page where you can register, either as a team or as an individual.

(And if you are just looking for a team, North Miss. State Hospital will be happy to have you join us!) However, I would encourage you to organize teams! We want to increase the number of teams for the walk this year. This is a disease that has affected all us in some way or another. So, go to this link and sign up: http://act.alz.org/site/TR/Walk/General?pg=entry&pw_id=4701&fr_id=3490

I look forward to having you join us for this great cause.

This page has contact information for Rachel Ruello at the Mississippi Alzheimer’s Association should you have any questions!

This is the only walk in Northeast Mississippi. There will be a walk in Olive Branch on Nov. 2 and one in Columbus on Oct. 13. This is your chance to walk in our area.

Debbie Woodrick Hall
Director of Community Relations
North Mississippi State Hospital

National Park Service seeks cooperation during survey
Archaeologists from the National Park Service Southeast Archeological Center (SEAC) will begin survey work at the Natchez Trace Parkway Chickasaw Village site Tuesday.

This survey is being conducted as part of an analysis for a proposed Chickasaw Cultural Center, to ensure that no cultural resources will be impacted.

The Chickasaw Village site, located at Parkway milepost 261.8, in Tupelo, interprets the story of the Chickasaw people who lived at the site and includes the outlines of buildings that once stood there.
SEAC archaeologists are expected to finish the survey by August 29.

The site and associated trails will remain open to the public during the archaeological survey; however visitors are asked not to intrude on survey teams and the immediate area in which they are working.

The greater Tupelo area is part of the traditional homelands of the Chickasaw people, and work at the Chickasaw Village site is being done in cooperation with the Chickasaw Nation.

For more information about the Natchez Trace Parkway, please visit www.nps.gov/natr.
Dr. Christina E. Smith

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