Letters to the Editor: July 30, 2014

Americans must restore their government again I am a senior citizen and a Christian conservative. I have voted Republican all my life. I...

Long-time resident longs for intra-county accords I live in a newly annexed area of Tupelo and am on North Lee Water. I have been on North Lee Water for 25 years, and for 25 years I have often had discolored water and many boil water notices. I was opposed to being annexed because Tupelo had […]

Common Core suffers from ideological attacks In 2007, Janet Napolitano, then the Democratic governor of Arizona and the chair of the National Governors’ Association, wrote an initiative for the year, as is custom for chairs of the NGA. Hers focused on improving the state of American education – specifically math and science – and in […]

GOP primary’s racial overtones tainted all As the country took great interest in the chaotic Cochran/McDaniel slugfest, one thing was obvious – racial overtones of the contest tainted us all. The election turned Republicans against Republicans, Democrats against Democrats, and worst of all, communities against communities. In the end we learned valuable lessons. We learned […]

Noble can take solace in doing the right thing Your July 20 article regarding Sonny Noble’s story as a whistle-blower has an all too familiar ending. Having spent 25 years working in the government contracting industry, I have had the chance to see a number of whistleblower actions, with all coming to the same end. […]


Prescription drug abuse kills many in Mississippi We were saddened but not surprised to see that Mississippi ranks sixth among the 50 states for the rate at which physicians prescribe painkillers to their patients. That news, reported in a July 1 story by The Associated Press, comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]


West Main resurfacing deserves commendation I want to say thank you for the way the resurfacing work was done on West Main Street in Tupelo, I do not know who was responsible for the city’s involvement in the project. As the mayor, Jason Shelton has the responsibility for city administration. So, I say thank you. […]

Some opinionists hold to gross misinformation Reading the opinion section of the Daily Journal has become quite a journey from reality. Misinformation and outright lies abound. It is easy to spot the contributors whose basically only information comes from watching Fox News – highly paid propagandist TV and radio. Two examples: • Steve Mann of […]

Search for meaning must end with Jesus Gridlock and corruption in government are obvious, destructive and divisive. Governing, leadership and integrity are fading and squabbling is the order of the day. Anger and bitterness detract from integrity and leadership. Confusion and hostility are the logical outcomes of dysfunctional political behavior. Years of partisan and power […]

Crane cites Cochran’s community college aid I am head of a company in Fulton that does business across several southeastern states, and I am also chairman of the Mississippi Community College Board. I am writing because I care deeply about the future of our state. If you value education in Mississippi, whether in kindergarten through […]