Letters to the Editor: Dec. 7, 2016

Something to consider this Mother’s Day I noticed that on the front page of the Daily Journal for April 26, all three of the...

American history fades from our knowledge The first time I saw Jay Leno’s segment when he would walk the streets and ask questions like: Who is the Vice President? Do you think Sarah Palin is a good choice for Obama’s running mate? Who was the first president of the US? The answers were unbelievable: ‘Don’t […]

Caution offered about Christmas gift cards May we give a word of caution to people buying gift cards? Last Christmas we bought my 86-year-old uncle a $50 gift card from a restaurant on Hwy. 45, Booneville. He used it one time without any problem; his bill was less than $10. The next time he ate […]

Voters reject power in charge since 1960 In reference to the successful campaign of President-elect Donald Trump, listen up. Attention, pointy headed liberals, secular progressives, fetus killers, twisters of history, sanctuary cities, illegal immigrants, dope dealers, lobbyists, bloated bureaucrats, biased news media including AP, ABC, CBS, NBC, MOB and their cable affiliates, ACLU, BLM newspaper […]

Transparency forgotten as an official’s duty Public education and transparency were on the chopping block in your Capitol last week. The public education funding formula for your local schools is proposed to be dramatically changed by a two-year-old New Jersey company with fewer than 10 young employees. This is important for two reasons, and scary […]

Move past election; find another topic Our country has recently survived a particularly ugly presidential campaign which could only elect one of the two polarizing and generally dissatisfying candidates. It was a campaign in which many celebrities, television talking heads and even the print media embraced speculation, editorializing and even yellow journalism in attempts to […]

Remember, Trump remains private citizen until Jan. 20 “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up,” the punchline to a story Donald Trump was fond of telling crowds at his campaign events. Donald Trump is currently exhibiting very un-Trump behavior, being gracious, conciliatory and acting statesmanlike. Well, of course. He’s still a […]

Trump win blunted the secular advance Hillary Clinton’s expectation of the election process to be an inevitable march to the White House ended in a defeat so shocking that the political liberal pundits in the wee hours of the morning stumbled and stammered their way through the night trying to put coherent sentences together. Clinton’s […]

Tired of being misled, mistreated for eight years As they have been doing for at least the last 30 years, both major political parties have vastly failed the America people again in this election… this time by giving us a choice between a paranoid, lying, accomplished grafter/con-artist and her convicted felon husband or an arrogant, […]

Tupelo council’s flag decision hardens issue By a Tupelo City Council vote along racial lines, Tupelo will continue to fly a flag symbolic of slavery. Mayor Shelton struck a chord in my spirit when he said “The Tupelo City Council missed an opportunity to exercise leadership.” The five white members of the City Council missed […]