Letters to the Editor: March 27, 2015

Jones should reject idea of withholding money In a letter in Tuesday’s paper, Russ Polsgrove wrote. “Dan Jones has been a man of...

Support sought from all for Caregiver Act AARP Mississippi is fighting to support family caregivers who help make it possible for older Americans and other loved ones to live independently at home – where they want to be. Every day, a silent army of Americans performs a great labor of love by helping their parents […]

‘Relic’ thinking can’t guide Ole Miss’ mission As a graduate of the University of Mississippi, I was stunned and saddened finding out Friday that the IHL decided not to renew the contract of Dan Jones. His leadership has been responsible for increased enrollment, higher GPA and ACT scores, and a 50 percent higher endowment in […]

Politics hurting education at every level in our state Recently, politics has taken the main stage in the education debate in Mississippi, neglecting what should be the true focus – educating our children and young adults. The debate to fully fund our public elementary and secondary schools has raged on in the Legislature, leaving our […]

Has our Legislature lost its collective mind? The two headlines on the front page of last Wednesday’s Daily Journal tell a sad, sad story for the state of Mississippi, and one that does not have to happen. The first story reported that “MAEP Funding Sent to Governor $211 Million Short” and the story just below […]

Animal shelter expresses thanks for after-fire help The Halfway Home Animal Shelter in Booneville thanks the citizens of the city of Booneville and the following counties: Prentiss, Alcorn, Lee and Tishomingo, for their support of our shelter after the fire in the Kitty Kottage last week. We were overwhelmed with gratitude at the tremendous response […]

We’re not at war with Islam; we’re warring against ISIS So, there is an ongoing discussion in political circles on whether we are at war with the entire Islamic religion, or at war with fanatics who call themselves Muslims, and is it just a difference in language or is there a real difference between two […]

Regional center treats intellectual disability March is national Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. In Mississippi, an estimated 42,000 persons have intellectual and developmental disabilities ranging from mild (requiring minimal supports) to severe (sometimes requiring 24-hour, seven-day-a-week care). Agencies operating under authority of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health provide services to assist these individuals and their […]

Take care in protecting hearing of all people Recently when I was at Walgreen’s, there was a locked car in the parking lot with the windows up from which rap music was playing loud enough to be heard by some visitors to the hospital across the street. When I returned to my car, I saw […]

Vouchers won’t help get special services As a mother of a child with disabilities who attends public school, I disagree with lawmakers supporting the voucher bill, SB2695, which would provide tax dollars for a select few children to attend private school. If the bill passes and my child were selected to receive a voucher, and […]