Letters to the Editor: Dec. 17, 2014

Christian takes offense at comments about letter In response to a letter to the editor, written by my pastor, Bro. Michael Lumpkin, on...

Common Core can’t be worse than now Common Core has been called, by J. Mader, a “federal curriculum,” the “end of literature lessons” and here in Mississippi a “Muslim takeover of schools.” It is comprised of a “set of math and English language arts standards” that indicate what particular skills “students should be expected to […]

Homosexuals don’t have a right to their behavior Due to the recent debate in Mississippi and other states over the issue of “homosexual rights,” I am compelled to make all concerned citizens aware of the unforeseen effects that could be produced by the actions of judges or city, state, and federal government in granting of […]

Turn headlights on in the late afternoon I have been in the car in a fatal accident and want to encourage drivers to turn on their headlights so I can see them better at 4:30 p.m. when the sun is glaring in my eyes and other times of impaired visibility. The following may encourage you […]

Saltillo clinic remains in competent hands Time, people, and situations always change. For me, thoughts about these transitions become especially acute at this holiday time of the year, as I certainly reflect on changes in life, but I also count my many blessings – my family, my friends, and my health and theirs. Several years […]

Public Works crew praised for expert tree removal A few weeks ago a very large oak tree fell from our yard and totally blocked Hillshire Place. It was a terrible mess. We would like to thank the Public Works Department for coming to our rescue. Along with others, Rudy Young, Justin White and Josh Vanstory […]

Care for the aging people elicits praise from reader On Nov. 16, as I read the Sunday Journal I was excited by the articles, amidst the many regarding the need for improved pre-kindergarten instruction, regarding concerns for elderly citizens. The long journey of a half century covered in a few pages. The comparison of dollars […]

Manning’s coverage rates a strong letter of thanks I recently presented a workshop on music education at the King Early Childhood Education Center. Riley Manning attended the session to write an article. I of course was delighted that the article appeared in your paper, under the title “Itsy Bitsy Spider” builds the brain. But more […]

WWII memories keep deeds in perspective An important event in history is quickly approaching, the Anniversary of Dec. 7, 1941, a date we as Americans must never forget or brush aside. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “A day which will live in infamy.” Of course I am referring to the Japanese attack on Pearl […]

Citizens will get stuck regardless of election As noted by Cal Thomas in his column the other day in your paper, a government bureaucrat, a Mr. Gruber, who helped design Obamacare called Americans stupid. Well, we all think everybody in government is stupid, too, so it’s a perfect relationship, isn’t it? So, how stupid are […]