Letters to the Editor: July 28, 2015

Foster writes with correct conviction I applaud, no, give a standing ovation, to Clay Foster, Daily Journal Publisher & CEO, for his...

Church Street School would provide great storm safety I have been reading recently about the proposed storm shelters being built here in Tupelo. It made me think of our days after the tornado of 1936 when we were told to go to Church Street School in the event of an impending storm. Church Street School […]

Crawford’s wrong about customers’ obligations In response to the Bill Crawford column, July 20, 2015: Misinformation is the worst kind. Mississippi Power used to be a beloved part of South Mississippi. However their corporate culture has transformed itself over the past few years. In the past it did not threaten its customers, subject its customers […]

Foster’s column praised as biblically sound stand I applaud, no, give a standing ovation to Clay Foster, Daily Journal Publisher & CEO, for his well written article, “The Sacredness of Marriage and Recent Court Decisions” in the July 5 opinion column. The article was not only biblically sound but also historically correct. He prefaced his […]

Will the GOP finally confront Obama? The number 4 has been in the news of late. The first instance is in 6 1/2 years in office President Obama has vetoed only four bills. You have to go back to the 1840s to find a president serving a full term who vetoed fewer bills. What does […]

Exception taken to Foster’s column My grandmother, Phyllis Harper, was a Daily Journal employee for many years, wearing lots of different hats during her time there. I’m especially glad to have clippings of several of her columns, because now that she’s gone from us, they provide brief glimpses of the world she lived in as […]

Every US marriage is a legal entity As a native of Tupelo, I was disappointed to read Clay Foster’s article condemning our government’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. As the CEO/Publisher of the Journal, Foster has an ethical duty to avoid conflicts of interest. However, Foster has determined, in his role as CEO, to exclude […]

The iniquity of the Amorites is now full As I viewed the front page of the June 30 Washington Post which showed our White House bathed in the colors of the gay pride movement in the background and two men and two women kissing each other in the foreground, I thought of the words of […]

Foster’s views in his column threaten Tupelo’s reputation I’ve lived in Tupelo all my life, and I’ve been reading the Daily Journal all my life. As an insurance agent I wrote the coverage for the Daily Journal back when George McLean was alive. I was also very active in the Community Development Foundation with George […]

Quashing our egos empowers dialogue Less ego, more humility, please. Is it possible for those of us who call ourselves Christian to leave our egos at the door before we enter into a dialogue with each other over the contentious issue of our state flag? In place of our egos, can we put on the […]