Letters to the Editor: March 21, 2017

Mississippi government in conflict with itself On Feb. 27, 2017, The Clarion Ledger newspaper wrote that Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves said the...

We need God’s help to bring us together This has been on my heart when the community prayer meeting at the BancorpSouth Arena got canceled after the grand jury stated there was no reason to press charges against the officer that shot Ronnie Shumpert. Some months back, I asked some local pastors about getting together […]

‘Good samaritan’ deserves recognition, praise I am writing this message in the paper to thank the unknown “good samaritan” who found my purse in a shopping cart int he middle of the parking lot of Walmart on North Gloster Street on Saturday, March 5. You took the time to turn my purse into the customer […]

Pertinent questions not dealt with Bernie Sanders came to Mississippi to speak on behalf of workers at Nissan’s plant in Madison County. Sid Salter (Daily Journal, 3/5/17) used the visit of Sanders as an opportunity to speak critically of unions and to point out what Sanders did not tell us about the benefits of Nissan. […]

We now have a ‘nation of whiners’ I could be wrong, living in the upside down world of the Obamas, the Democrats, the Clintons, the Progressives, the “politically correct,” the “lost Republicans,” and the Socialists. I somehow believe, though newspapers won’t tell it straight, that Donald J. Trump is president and crooked Hillary Clinton was […]

Voters have already decided on state flag issue The Mississippi state flag issue is probably dead for this year, but it leaves some concerning questions. Under our constitutional republic form of government, the people elect their leaders to represent our interests in government. However, some officials have the mistaken idea that we elected them to […]

Social workers stand up for those in need March is National Professional Social Worker month. Social workers stand up for millions of people every day. Most people do not know what social workers do: Social workers help individuals, families and groups restore or enhance their capacity for social functioning and work to create societal conditions […]

Tupelo Community Theatre deserves praise, support Theatre is entertainment. Theatre is thought provoking. Theatre is exciting. Tupelo has great theatre, and Tupelo Community Theatre has the Mississippi premiere of Amory native Jerre Dye’s Cicada! Cicada recently received numerous awards at the Mississippi Theatre Association Community Theatre Festival in Hattiesburg. Receiving the Warren McDaniel Best Production […]

Questionable administration continues Recent letters have strongly criticized the public protests against Trump across America. These folk had no gripes when the Tea Party was doing the same thing to Obama, did they? When they agree with protests, it’s patriotic but now that their fair-haired boy is in charge, oh, it’s just terrible. Suppose Obama […]

Citizens should have opportunity to vote When a felon has completed his/her sentence their voting rights should be fully restored. These laws all around the country were just another Republican effort to restrict the vote from a whole class of citizens. And the lead story on Page 1 of the Feb. 8 edition shows that […]