Miscellany, mea culpa for a Friday

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As with most of us, my wife’s enthusiasm sometimes trumps her judgment. A couple of weeks ago she bought me a Kelly-hued shirt to be sure I’d have something suitable to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. It went well with the shamrock-plastered tam she’d bought last year, and the leprechaun tie she’d purchased the year before that.
I looked in my closet and counted seven other shirts of the same color family, ranging from Lincoln to mint to olive.
Kermit the Frog was wrong: It IS easy being green.
– After years of overspending and rising personal debt, many Americans are now holding on to their cash, which economists say is adding to the recession. Thus, fewer people are traveling, but the hotels and airplanes still have rooms and seats to fill, so there are some incredible deals to be had. If you’re in a position to turn loose of a little cash, you can simultaneously make memories and help folks whose businesses and jobs are hurting worse than most.
If you’re so inclined and have either plenty of cash or plenty of credit, it may be also be a great time to pick up a bargain on a house or some land.
Both situations remind me of Proverbs 11:26: “People curse the man who hoards grain, but blessing crowns him who is willing to sell.” Maybe in this market “selling” to the cash-starved is a way to bless both them and oneself.
– I hate it when I’m hateful, or at least having to admit it.
Last week in this space I lambasted people who baselessly speculate that someone who’s just lost a house or business to fire must be committing insurance fraud. (I had a friend so abused.) Just down the page, in a lame attempt at humor, I painted garden retailers generally with the same brush of avarice that I had just condemned in others’ hands.
Mary Jo Anderson gets the “Spotting Hypocrites in Their Native Habitat” award for pointing out my disparity. And to all honest nurserymen: I’m sorry.
– Fortune Magazine gives this “best advice ever” from luminaries:
“Ready, shoot, aim is not the smartest policy.” – Michael Bloomberg
“You’re right not because others agree with you, but because your facts are right.” – Warren Buffett
“When ‘everyone knows’ something to be true, nobody knows nothin’.” – Andy Grove, chairman of Intel
– Comedian Jon Stewart is credited with this joke, which hits close to home as I become more forgetful: Mario Andretti knew it was time to retire from racing after he drove an entire race with his left blinker on.
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