NATIONAL OPINION: Disgusting profiteering from heinous crime

By The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Halloween, with its candypalooza and celebration of the macabre, makes us forget that real monsters are out there.
Thank goodness, then, for the shameless websites – deserving of no further publicity by using their names – that serve as art dealers for psychopaths and the misguided folks willing to pay for their kitsch. They give a whole new meaning to the phrase “blood money.”
One site recently was peddling a pencil drawing of 11 tombstones, allegedly sketched by convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell. List price: $175. “[H]ighly collectible and great for display,” gushed the money-mongers who run the site.
“I can’t believe someone would try to profit from a serial killer,” said Anthony Dozier, whose mother, Crystal, was murdered – along with 10 other women – by Sowell.
That’s the difference between human beings and predators.
The tombstone illustration and six other items attributed to Sowell have been removed from the site. Their mere presence, though, suggests the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction needs to do more to make sure inmates aren’t profiting, even indirectly, from their crimes.
– The Cleveland Plain Dealer

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