NATIONAL OPINION: Set the ordinary aside for the Olympics

By Dallas Morning News

Our brains have only so much space. After friends and relatives, mortgage and matrimony, parents and parenting, we allot some portion to current events. A lot for some folks, less for others, but part, right?
And that part has been a fairly dispiriting place for some time. From bitterly partisan election fights to Aurora, Penn State, crippling drought across the U.S. and death in Syria – not to mention our ever-present economic doldrums – this has been a tough time.
If ever there was a year we needed some sporting distraction, this would be it. And few sporting events distract, inspire and entertain like the Summer Olympics, which conveniently began last week week in London.
We can cheer on Team USA, or any country or individual athletes, and, more important, lose ourselves for a spell in story lines of true achievement.
The Olympics, in a way, are sports for people who might not be particularly wild about, you know, sports.
You may be stuck stateside, but NBC and its family of networks have cameras everywhere.
Forget those days when the family crowded around the picture tube to see Jim McKay talk about Hank Iba. NBC promises to deliver 5,535 hours of Olympic coverage to your flat screen, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Some names you already know, some you’ll learn, and some will stick. There’s a great story behind almost every one. Our wish is for a controversy-free sporting festival. The bitterness of the regular news cycle can wait a couple of weeks.
– Dallas Morning News

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