No cat fight, just nye-nye

I’ve been a roving reporter the past couple of days. …..Tuesday, I covered another session of the Naming Committee at Mississippi University for Women. Sometimes, I think a few of its members wish they were the No-Name Committee.
Regardless, as I sat and watched them file into the meeting this week, I had a feeling I knew what was in many of their minds: Please don’t let this get screwed up.
I’ve been at virtually every one of the meetings since last fall, and as time passed, and as they stepped closer to some decision, more and more of the three-dozen or so committee members reminded each other of how controversial their goal was. And how their futures may be marred in some way if they got it wrong.
They asked for name suggestions. They agonized and argued over the choices.
They almost liked one idea, which sent chills through my more progressive bones.
It was Magnolia University. My, some loved that. “We could call ourselves the Mags,” someone suggested. Maggots in the Moonlight was my secret thought.
Others liked Mississippi University at Columbus, or MUC. Ugh, I can see that in a headline now: Muckers win again!
By now, you know the marketing “experts” from Jackson reported that Waverley University got the best reaction with their focus groups and others they talked with. Waverley comes from a Walter Scott book about change.
But they suggested to the committee that many, many of their survey participants really wanted to be able to choose Welty University, for MUW’s famed writer/former student Eudora.
The marketing pros said they were asked why that wasn’t a choice.
I don’t quite know how to spell the explanation.
“Nye-nye” – does that do it for you? Can you say that out loud? It sort of rhymes with heh-heh.
It’s a nagging complaint by some, even students, that they think Miss Welty thought she was too good for MSCW, as it was then. That she left after only two years because she wanted to be somewhere else.
Frankly, it may be an urban myth, well a campus myth. We don’t have Miss Welty to ask, so maybe a little research will reveal the truth.
What’s left is for MUW President Claudia Limbert and some other higher-ups to consider a compelling choice to present to the Institutions of Higher Learning and then the Legislature.
At least these committee members can try to slip back into oblivion, whatever happens.
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