OPINION: Journal story, Elvis movie herald ‘Week’

It’s all about Elvis, again, isn’t it?
For the non-Elvis folks, next week is commonly referred to as “Elvis Week” and leads up to the anniversary of his death Aug. 16, 1977.
We Elvis folk at the Daily Journal offer you some fun during local “Elvis Week” with a mystery serial starting Sunday.
Its writing was an adventure in itself, with nine staffers each taking a spin with a chapter, then turning the tale over to the next one to craft the succeeding episode.
Part of the fun of writing this tale – “A ‘Hunka, Hunka’ Trouble” – is not knowing what you’re going to get. Each of us developed characters, events and twists and turns, so that at least twice per chapter we felt some surprise about it – the surprise when we received the preceding chapter and our own surprise at how we left off for the next writer.
It’s not Faulkner or Agatha Christie, but it’s entertaining.
We hope you’ll like it, just as so many Daily Journal readers have taken to our Christmas serials written for children’s consumption.


Speaking of Elvis, August marks the one-year anniversary of Elvis’ boyhood Assembly of God Church at The Birthplace.
The building was moved a few blocks from its original site in East Tupelo and was painstakingly restored to the state as believed when Elvis got some of his first musical influences there.
Inside the clapboard building, you’ll see an excellent three-screened depiction of a typical worship service attended by Vernon, Gladys and Elvis Presley when he was about 8.
While I suggest that the young future King of Rock ‘n’ Roll should have had blond hair, instead of the dark hair of the film’s child actor, it’s still a sweet program for every Elvis fan.
If you haven’t been through the museum lately, too, the revamp is well done and truly helps explain to the Elvis-educated and uneducated about Tupelo of the 1930s, his family and his influences.
Especially interesting are the photos showing local scenes and people, as well as the Presley family at special events.
While I was over there Wednesday, it was charming to look up and see at least one slender young man very deliberately clad in jeans and jeans-jacket with the trademark Elvis hairdo. Sweet sight to me.


In preparation for “Elvis Week,” I’m going to dust off my copy of my favorite of his movies, “Loving You” with Dolores Hart.
Hart appeared in one other movie with Elvis, and six years later became a Catholic nun. I don’t believe other leading ladies, like Mary Ann Mobley and Ann Margret, had similar reactions to their pop stardom.
The music in this film is really classic early-Elvis, and the movie mirrors his own early career.
It also is the only movie his parents appeared in – part of the audience in the big movie climax. Story goes that after his mother died, Elvis never watched the movie again.
Well, I’m going to.

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