OPINION: Look for Democrats to lose their ground in 2010 voting

I want to share some thoughts on 2010, but before I do I have a question related to the early January weather we are experiencing: Why, when we have a winter storm alert in Northeast Mississippi, is there a run on milk?
Are we a bunch of cereal addicts or what? It never fails, whenever the television news does its report on how people are preparing for the storm, here is how it goes: “Citizens of Northeast Mississippi are making plans to take care of their plants and animals while also making sure they get by the local grocery store to stock up such items as bread and milk. Back to you, John.”
Granted, bread is basically an essential when stuck at home for a couple of days. But milk? People act like if they don’t get the gallon of milk it greatly diminishes their chances of making it through a little snow or ice. Next thing I am expecting to see is a television crew outside a house with this report: “John, as you can see behind me medical personnel are loading a Northeast Mississippi man into an ambulance. According to a family member he is suffering from a lack of lactose. We are seeing this all up and down this street, John, the result of people forgetting to purchase milk before the snow storm hit. It is really a sad scene. Back to you in the studio.”


Can you believe it has now been 10 years since we went through the Y2K scare? I had some friends who believed the worst was going to happen. They tried to talk me into buying a lot of survival equipment and non-perishable food. I bought enough so that they would quit asking me about it and alas, nothing serious became of the Y2K panic.
A comprehensive view of the year ahead requires that we look at 2010 from global, national, state, local and personal world perspectives all. I don’t have a lot of words to work with here, but I will give it a try.
In terms of what is going on in the world, the economy seems to be the main area of concern. In the last couple of decades the United States economy has become joined to a large extent to other countries of the world and vice versa. Especially China. The question has now become: What don’t they make in China? Or what don’t we buy from China? Communist China. I for one am still bothered that we, the USA, basically gave up championing human rights as a condition for trading. It’s too late to turn back, but China can do anything to its citizens and there is nothing we can really do to help those persecuted because we are compromised economically. We need China desperately as was evidenced recently when both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama made visits to China basically with hat in hand, as China buys our debt, keeping our government afloat. Look for China to be in the news more and more in 2010.
On the national front, politically, this year is going to be a big loser for Democrats. Just like 2008 was a big loser for Republicans. The American voter is fickle and impatient. However, I believe the main reason you will see conservatives – not just Republicans – make significant gains in the House of Representatives and the Senate – is because the hard left threesome of Obama/Pelosi/Reid have done as liberals often do – they pushed too much, too fast, and the American public (still basically center-right) are reacting negatively to their political agenda.
In Mississippi, can we talk sports here? I predict Mississippi State and Ole Miss finish one/two in the SEC West in basketball and both make the NCAA tournament. The Rebels have the best guard combo in the division and State has the best center in the conference. I also predict both schools will make the baseball NCAA tournament and both will having 7-5 seasons in football and go to bowls.
Locally, I’m afraid we will not see the opening of the Toyota plant in 2010. There is nothing indicating that might happen. I just hope it happens. Who really knows? Maybe in 2011.
In closing, on a personal note, I sincerely hope, at the age of 46 soon to be 47, I am not “slipping” as some say. The other day my lovely and talented wife Alison and I were at Kroger when she remarked that my pants were “ankle beaters.” I looked down. They were kind of short. And what was scary is I had noticed myself until she brought it to my attention. The pants were just slightly longer than the pants of people I point at and make fun of. I threw them away. I am making a fresh wardrobe start in 2010.

Tim Wildmon, a resident of Baldwyn, can be contacted at twildmon@afa.net.

Tim Wildmon

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