OUR OPINION: McDaniel’s claims still not backed by evidence

Chris McDaniel appears determined to continue his sideshow in the U.S. Senate race, yet most Mississippians – some die-hard McDaniel supporters excepted, of course – are ready to move on.

McDaniel and his campaign have claimed rather boldly that incumbent Thad Cochran and his supporters “stole” the Republican runoff election from him. This is a serious accusation, and thus far McDaniel has laid out no detailed evidence to support it. To continue to make such charges without backing them up is, even in our hothouse political environment these days, highly irresponsible.

The only conceivable way that McDaniel’s threatened legal challenge of the June 24 runoff results – a 7,662-vote win by Cochran – would have any basis in the courts would be for him to prove that a huge number of people who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary then cast ballots in the Republican runoff. Those are the only people who would have been legally prohibited from voting that day.

So far, not surprisingly, numbers floated by the McDaniel camp are as much as five times higher than the illegal crossovers the Cochran campaign says it’s identified.

It is one thing for a candidate to check every detail of the results of a close election to make sure everything is in order. It is quite another to make the checking a righteous crusade that appears more rooted in political frustration and the inability to accept defeat than in any legal basis for overturning the vote.

McDaniel is touring the state complaining that Republican leaders “betrayed” conservatives by persuading Democrats, specifically African-American voters, to vote in the runoff for Cochran. While that may not be to McDaniel’s liking, as long as those voters didn’t vote in the June 3 Democratic primary, they had every legal right to be there under Mississippi law.

McDaniel has served as chairman of the state Senate Elections Committee, yet until now he has never evidenced any interest in closing party primaries or requiring people to register by party. In fact, he voted in a Democratic primary himself in 2003 when there was a Republican primary for governor, though he describes himself as a lifelong Republican.

We agree with those who say McDaniel might have had a chance to be a viable statewide candidate in the future had he graciously accepted defeat and vowed to continue promoting his principles, but this anger-driven effort to stay in the spotlight has diminished that prospect.

If he really believes he has a legal case, McDaniel needs to go to court. Otherwise, he should acknowledge that the race is now between Cochran and Democrat Travis Childers and finally bow out.

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  • lauragail

    Since you obviously can’t see the evidence clearly, good thing you aren’t making the call. PERIOD.

    • Lee814

      There is NO evidence, only some wild numbers by McDaniel’s campaign. All McDaniel is doing is grandstanding to keep his name in the news. However, all his antics have made me determined to never vote for him for anything!

    • 1941641

      Tea Party “Evidence” in this case seems to be very elusive. Could it be because it is a lot of Tea Pot HOT AIR? That’s what Tea Pots make, you know,–Hot Air and some whistle while blowing-off! Real Evidence? LOL!

  • Another article shilling for the Barbour campaign. What a shock. Your challenge is coming. It will be presented in a proper legal manner .. before the Executive Committee, and then if need be, in a state court. The Daily Journal editorial team seems awfully anxious to put this in the past. With all of the unfolding revelations of corruption emanating from the Barbour camp, I understand your concern.

  • Tracy Omawnakw Scott

    you people ( those that wrote this article) really don’t pay attention,
    to what is being said in these new briefs given by the McDaniel and his
    lawyers. I would say this and let me be clear, If they did not feel
    they had enough evidence to prove voter fraud, i really dont think they
    would be spending or wasting thousand of dollars in pursuing and
    collecting all of the evidence. But what really bother me more than
    anything else here, is the amount of new sites like this one, that seem
    to think this type of voter and election tactics involving race baiting,
    slanderous flyers, threatening people when there standing on the corner
    holding the sign of a candidate, Racist Robo calls, vote buying and
    providing walking around money, Hiring and paying large sums of Money to
    Peter Perrys ( an election chairman in hinds county) and this group,
    not to mention the pay offs to Hailey Barbour and his pac’s Or having a
    Family member Connie Cochran as director of elections in Hinds
    Commission in hinds county and there is no telling now many more close
    friends, family members of Cochran and Barbour are involved and hold
    positions with in the election process. No there is no news story
    there or investigative news story there, But Instead this news paper
    drops the ball way short and excepts the standard practices that the
    Cochran/Barbour used the fraud,lies threats and pure corruption of the
    voting process. Why dont the daily Journal and rest of these News
    sights stand up for the people, and stop excepting the status quo,
    along with the corrupt and broken voter process of Mississippi. and
    start doing a little informative investigation journalism and and expose
    the problem to the people, instead of being complicit with the current process.

    • Rjm Mills

      this person Tracy Omawnakw Scott is an Agent Provatuer and shill

  • Paul Brown

    Who are you trying to convince, us or yourself? Evidently you don’t bother to read because you would have already seen enough evidence to warrant an overturn of the election. What you may not realize is this is no longer about a single election, it’s about exposing and eliminating the corruption within the process. Any voter should want that. It is being exposed within BOTH political parties so you can’t call this a partisan witch hunt. Perhaps you will have a change of heart when the evidence package is handed to the media but even then should you have doubts maybe the results from the ongoing investigations by the FBI, FEC and MS Atty Generals office will carry more weight. When we have witnessed first hand many of the things which happened you can’t just pee down our backs and try to tell us it’s raining. We just wish MS had credible media sources who were willing to dig for facts like the outside sources who have come in to do the job you won’t. No wonder MS is listed as the most corrupt state in the nation, the media here has become nothing but a PR firm for the illegality we all know exists.

  • Barryjohn7714

    Mitch Tyner, lead attorney for McDaniel’s potential challenge, said they have so much evidence that they are going to make a book of it and give it to MS GOP, the courts and best of all, the FBI and the FEC. Patients is a virtue. BTW, the Hinds Co. GOP chairman admittedly took $171,000 from Barbour’s PAC. The story was in Clarion Liar. What more evidence to you need.

    • Barryjohn7714

      Oh and pictures of poll books with double votes have been posted. What more evidence do you need to mount a full investigation?

      • 1941641

        “Pictures” that’s familiar to this Mc Daniel inspired catastrophe. The first “pictures mentioned were to do with some teapots trying to take pictures of an elderly, disabled woman, Thad Cochran’s wife, in her care facility. Now, the subject of “pictures” has turned to those photographed by some of Mc Daniel’s Tea Partiers from Texas and here and there, of voting record books. This is of grave concern to me as a citizen of Mississippi together with a likely break-in of a Mississippi courthouse housing voting records with information on them that hoodlums should not have access to.

        I noticed the Tea Parties boasting about the FBI investigating all this crime by the Barbours and others involved in this supposed election “Fraud.” I wondered if maybe the FBI was actually investigating the real criminals here: McDaniel and his legion of Tea Pot hoodlums! Stay tuned, the truth will out!