OPINION: News always brings odd developments

Is half a blessing still a blessing?
This “half” is news that Jon Gosselin won’t be seen on the TV show formerly known as Jon & Kate Plus 8.
Of course, I don’t watch this show, but I do admit to lingering periodically over it like road-kill as I roam by with the remote, often in futile search of anything decent to distract me.
Jon has gotten a little wild, shall we say, after his “release” from Prison Kate. One can hardly blame him, having spent a decade under the thumb of this controlling, spikey haired woman.
But the show has been quite a lucrative gig. Perhaps he still will derive some benefit – minus his mug – since he has 50 percent of the genetic rights to those privacy-abused children.
The news is just full of ridiculous realities this week.
A Manhattan federal judge ruled that an author cannot copyright the idea of putting Biblical betrayer Judas Iscariot on trial for admission into heaven.
Its writer had sued another playwright for a play based on the same concept.
Also in New York, actors Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman halted a performance of their Broadway play, A Steady Rain, because an audience member’s cell phone went off.
“We can wait,” Jackman said. “Don’t be embarrassed – just grab it.”
That was a much nicer reaction than you’d expect from the man who plays Wolverine, the movies’ hot-tempered X-Man.
We have a newsroom policy, here at the DJ, to silence our phones once we’ve entered the building. It’s worked remarkably well for a bunch of news folk.
But Tuesday night, a young man sat down beside me as political power couple Mary Matalin and James Carville began a program during MSU’s Leadership Summit.
“Ring, ring” went his cell phone, and I immediately spat, “Get that!” in as low a whisper as possible.
And then there’s church. Perhaps potential worshippers should find a hymn ringtone.
I am especially sensitive to turning off my phone to avoid anyone’s hearing its ringtone because my mischievous children downloaded a crazy song on to it a few months ago, and it’s a bit embarrassing when others hear it.
“That’s the best $2.49 I ever spent,” my sneaky daughter reportedly told my son. What chuckles they continue to have.
In other news headlines, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi recently submitted a proposal to the U.N. to abolish Switzerland and divide it up along language lines to give parts to Germany, France and Italy.
The plan was thrown out because it violates the U.N. tenet that no member country may threaten the existence of another.
Disgraced financier Allen Stanford, to whose investment company the Libyan government lost $550 million, may be happy Gaddafi has his sights on Switzerland.
Just don’t think about Texas, Stanford may be thinking. He’s scheduled to be moved from a Conroe jail to Houston today, after a fist-fight last week.
Is that a half blessing or a whole one?

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