OPINION: Obama apparently comes around to GOP view

By Tim Wildmon

President Obama is sounding more and more like President Bush these days. Get a load of this statement when asked about the economy on his recent trip to Asia.
“There might be some tax provisions that can encourage businesses to hire sooner rather than sitting on the sidelines. So we’re taking a look at those,” Obama stated.
Say what? Tax cuts for businesses to stimulate the economy? Is there a more Republican idea in the American economic playbook? I had to read that twice. Notice he did not use the phrase “tax cuts” but rather “tax provisions.” I guess he just couldn’t bring himself to quote Newt Gingrich who has been preaching tax cuts for businesses to get the economy going again and create new jobs.
Then, he went on to spout the party line. The Republican Party line that is, when he said this: “I think it is important, though, to recognize if we keep adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession.”
Does this sound like a man who believes in the Obama stimulus package?
Concerning closing down the Guantanamo Bay detention center where we hold about 200 hard core Islamic jihadists, he now says he doesn’t know when that will happen. This is basically the same thing President Bush said.
Here is what Obama said recently: “We are on a path and a process where I would anticipate that Guantanamo will be closed next year. I’m not going to set an exact date because a lot of this is also going to depend upon cooperation of Congress.”
The New York Times on Nov. 18, wrote: “During the presidential campaign last year, Mr. Obama railed against the detention complex on an American military base in Cuba, calling it a symbol used by terrorists to recruit new members. Within days of his inauguration, he ordered Guantanamo closed by January.”
Needless to say, Mr. Obama has stopped railing.


I can’t remember the last time a college player from Mississippi had a game like Ole Miss Rebel Dexter McCluster had against Tennessee. He rushed for 282 yards on 25 carries and four touchdowns. (Mississippi State’s Anthony Dixon came close with 252 yards and two touchdowns against Kentucky the weekend before.) But McCluster was a 5-foot, 8-inch, 170 pound man among much bigger boys out there on the surface of Vaught-Hemingway stadium.
For his performance he was named SEC and national offensive player of the week in college football.
The most impressive thing about this is that UT has one of the best defenses in the SEC and includes Eric Berry, free safety, who is everybody’s All-American. This was a talented defense McCluster carved up like Thanksgiving turkey.
I also watched this week McCluster’s talk about his new-found Christian faith on You Tube. It is also impressive. Seems even with all the attention, adulation and soon to be accolades – Dexter knows who God is and His name is not Dexter.
Speaking of Ole Miss football, I really thought this was their season to finally win the SEC West and go to Atlanta in December. Before the season started I wrote they would beat Alabama in Oxford and be on their way. But now I am convinced, as long as Nick Saban is the head coach of Alabama no other school – with the possible exception of LSU – will win the West. And you can write that down.


I will close with this police report (you know how I love these) from the Tupelo Police Department. From the “How Low Can You Go” department comes this report: “S. Gloster, 800 block, petit larceny, a woman said she was checking out of the hospital. Her granddaughter was helping her take things to the car, but she was gone for a long time. The woman said the granddaughter took her iPhone and $70 in cash.”
Have you ever heard of such? This is worse than grandma getting run over by a reindeer. Your own flesh and blood pretending to care about you getting out of the hospital and then leaving you in the wheelchair at the discharge parking circle, making off with your cell phone and your cash? I don’t know how grandma could have been anything but very disappointed in granddaughter. In fact, I don’t see how this relationship will ever be the same. This is not something the two of them are going to look back on in 20 years and laugh about.
“Hey grandma, remember when I stole you cell phone and cash and left you stranded at the hospital? Ha! Ha! Those were the days weren’t they?”
Know your friends. But more than that, know your family. Don’t let this happen to you.

Tim Wildmon, a resident of Baldwyn, writes as a community columnist. Contact him at twildmon@afa.net.

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