Are you aware of the special election in Tupelo’s Ward 3 on Sept. 4?

Are you aware that all Mississippi public schools use the Common Core standards?

he American Heart Association said Monday e-cigarettes should be treated as are all “tobacco” products delivering nicotine. Do you agree?

Do you agree that career education must be presented and encouraged with clear information about current prospects and projections for future employment?

Should setting road maintenance priorities countywide be a board of supervisors policy?

Do you agree that non-marital births in Mississippi pose a major problem for family stability and long-term prospects?

Which best describes the current talk by leaders of a state tax cut in the 2015 session?

Do you agree that private support is increasingly important for public universities and colleges? • Agree – 78% • Disagree – 22%

Have you followed the Barreto case since they fled in 2009? • Yes • No