Opinion Poll, July 30, 2014

Do you agree that federal funds for highways is an essential function of government?

Once completed, do you expect to use the new “northern loop” road connecting North Gloster at Barnes Crossing with U.S. 78 near Belden?

If Tupelo could make as strong a case as Oxford and Ole Miss for a daily mass transit bus system would you ride it?

If Tupelo Regional Airport finds a reliable airline with low-cost fares to a hub city, would you fly it even if it is a single-engine, nine-seat airplane?

Should the Lee County Board of Supervisors make plans to build a regional jail to replace the inadequate county jail now in use?

Do you or do you know someone who works for Toyota or one of its suppliers?

Have you read any history of the civil rights movement?

Have you read the entire Declaration of Independence?

Can reliable airline service win back some of the customers who have left Tupelo Regional Airport?