OPINION: Roe v. Wade still leaves a lot of unanswered questions

By Errol Castens/NEMS Daily Journal

It was this date in 1973 that seven men on the Supreme Court magically discovered an unwritten guarantee in the U.S. Constitution of a right to kill unborn children.
I hate to sound so curmudgeonly, but the same questions that pro-lifers asked 37 years and 50 million abortions ago are still left unanswered:
– Some proponents argue that abortion is OK because we can’t really say when life begins. If we don’t know when life begins – a point that no one with an IQ over room temperature could honestly argue – why shouldn’t the benefit of the doubt go to NOT killing what their argument admits “may” be a human being?
– If abortion is all about choice, why aren’t Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women and their allies equally vociferous about the right of women not to be coerced by parents, boyfriends or others into having an unwanted abortion?
– And if abortion is supposed to improve women’s options, why do so many promiscuous males view it as their escape hatch from fatherhood and responsibility?
– President Clinton famously said abortion should be kept “safe, legal and rare.” If it’s nothing more than a mere medical procedure – instead of the intentional taking of human life – why should it be rare?
– And why won’t anyone explain how abortion is “safe” when it kills 50 percent of the people involved?
– Why does an underage girl have to have written permission from her parents to take an aspirin but can be taken to an abortion mill to have their grandchild killed without their knowledge – let alone permission?
– Many ask how pro-lifers can oppose abortion but support capital punishment. A better question is the reverse: How can one defend heinous murderers but celebrate the deaths of innocents?
– Are we truly so perverted that we believe one person’s right to avoid embarrassment or inconvenience actually trumps another person’s right to life itself?
– At least one pro-abortion group refers to unborn babies as “parasites” that have no right to be in a woman’s body except by her permission. No one has a right to be in another person’s home except by permission, either – so why don’t we have an inalienable right to dismember Jehovah’s Witnesses, candidates for city council and cookie-selling Girl Scouts when they come onto our porches?
• Is there any inherent value in human life? If not, then why is murder wrong? And if there is, why isn’t abortion murder?
Fifty million babies deserve answers.

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