OPINION: Tupelo mom wants Masoli to succeed at Ole Miss

In response to the gentleman who criticized Ole Miss and Coach Nutt for their decision to accept the “young quarterback from Oregon” (Jeremiah Masoli) because of his past problems, I would just like to say, as an outsider, that I applaud Coach Nutt and the others who were willing to make this difficult decision to accept this young man and give him another chance.
I have no illusions about their main motivation for their decision to recruit this player, but who among us does not deserve a second or third chance to overcome past mistakes.
I’m not an Ole Miss alum and not a particularly big sports fan, but I am a firm beliver and supporter in giving any human being the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of another chance if they have the determination and the integrity to show that they can do so.
This might seem like strange words coming from a Mom who has a son who is a graduate of Mississippi State and one from USM, but, hopefully, my feelings rise above this young man’s ability of just being a winner on the field, but to being a winner in life.
I’m betting on this “young man from Oregon” to show that he’s made of the right stuff. i hope he doesn’t dissapoint those who have put their faith in him.

Dot Bullard

NEMS Daily Journal

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