OTHER OPINION: Opening Day and the hope of this season

By The Charlotte Observer (MCT)

About the time C.C. Sabathia was firing his first pitch of Opening Day for a strike at the knees on Monday, word began to spread: Louisville’s Kevin Ware was out of his hospital bed, on crutches, wearing his Midwest Regional Champions cap.
Talk about a moment for hope, a season of renewal.
The last time we saw Ware, a sophomore guard for the Cardinals, he was lying in anguish in front of his team’s bench, his tibia protruding from his skin.
Eighteen hours later, Ware was on his feet. He plans to rejoin his teammates in Atlanta at the Final Four this weekend.
Ware’s progress from his Easter Sunday collapse matched the mood many of us feel with the onset of spring, and that millions of baseball fans like us felt on Monday – a day of limitless possibilities and (perhaps unrealistic, but that’s irrelevant) hope.
Those who are not baseball fans might not totally get it, but on Opening Day, as the saying goes, everyone is 0-0.
On Opening Day, fans can believe that the Washington Nationals’ 20-year-old star Bryce Harper will have a season for the ages. When he hits a home run in his first at-bat of the year, and a second in his second at-bat, as he did Monday, the anticipation is fulfilled, at least for an afternoon.
The optimism bred by spring and Opening Day can be a sugar high. Bryce Harper won’t hit two home runs per game this year. After that first strike Monday, C.C. Sabathia gave up four runs in the first two innings. The economy will continue to fall as well as rise. Still, basking in the hope of the season, be it baseball or spring, is a fulfilling and uplifting pastime.

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